Aliexpress Marketing Strategy 2024: A Case Study

AliExpress, one of the leading global online retail platforms, has been making waves in the European eCommerce market. With its vast user base and innovative marketing strategies, AliExpress has become a go-to marketplace for millions of online shoppers. In this case study, we will delve into the various aspects of AliExpress’ marketing strategy and explore how it has shaped the platform’s success.

AliExpress Promotions

AliExpress understands the importance of effective promotions in driving sales and engaging users. The platform offers a variety of promotional strategies to boost visibility and attract customers. One such strategy is the Lightning Offers, which are special 48-hour promotions that create a sense of urgency and help increase sales rapidly. Additionally, the 11/11 promotion, often referred to as the “Asian Black Friday,” offers massive discounts of up to 70%, making it a significant annual event for driving sales.

Store Promotions

In addition to platform-wide promotions, AliExpress encourages sellers to run their own store promotions. This allows individual sellers to tailor their marketing efforts to their specific target audience and products. By incentivizing sellers to offer discounts, bundle deals, and exclusive offers, AliExpress fosters a competitive environment that benefits both sellers and customers.

Great Promotions

AliExpress offers a wide range of promotions to attract and engage customers. From flash sales to seasonal discounts, there is always something exciting happening on the platform. These promotions, coupled with AliExpress’ emphasis on providing a seamless shopping experience, create a favorable environment for customers to make purchases.

Affiliate Program

AliExpress recognizes the power of partnerships in expanding its reach. The Affiliate Program is a successful tool that allows individuals and businesses to promote AliExpress products and earn commissions on resulting sales. This program stimulates external traffic to the platform, helping AliExpress tap into new customer segments and markets.

Localized Marketing for the US Market

To effectively market on AliExpress in North America, it is crucial to understand the local customer base. AliExpress leverages thorough market research and analysis to craft a localized marketing message. By developing a strong value proposition, segmenting the audience, and creating tailored content for US customers, AliExpress enhances its brand visibility and appeals to the target market.

Nostalgic Marketing Approach

One of the ways AliExpress differentiates itself is by tapping into nostalgia, a powerful marketing tool that triggers emotions and associations with the past. By creating ’80s-themed commercials and nostalgic content, AliExpress resonates with US customers seeking a blast from the past. This approach helps establish an emotional connection, enhance brand visibility, differentiate from competitors, and drive customer loyalty and sales.

Exceptional Online Experience

AliExpress understands the importance of providing an exceptional online shopping experience to its customers. The platform focuses on website usability, streamlining the checkout process, offering secure payment methods, and investing in customer support. By continuously improving the online shopping experience, AliExpress keeps customers engaged, satisfied, and likely to return for future purchases.

Key Takeaways:

  • AliExpress offers various promotions, including Lightning Offers and the 11/11 promotion, to boost sales and engage users.
  • Store promotions empower sellers to run customized marketing campaigns to attract their target audience.
  • The AliExpress Affiliate Program helps expand the platform’s reach through partnerships and external traffic.
  • Localized marketing and nostalgic marketing approaches are key strategies for success on AliExpress in the US market.
  • An exceptional online shopping experience is crucial for customer satisfaction and retention.

AliExpress Promotions

As part of its marketing strategy, AliExpress offers a range of promotions to enhance visibility and drive sales. These promotions are designed to attract and engage customers, providing them with enticing offers and incentives. Let’s explore some of the key promotions offered by AliExpress.

Lightning Offers

One of the notable promotions on AliExpress is the Lightning Offers. These special deals are available for a limited time, usually 48 hours, and offer significant discounts on popular products. Lightning Offers create a sense of urgency among customers, encouraging them to take advantage of the time-limited discounts. These promotions not only boost sales but also attract new customers to the platform.


Another promotion that garners attention is the Freebies promotion. AliExpress offers 1 cent product raffles, allowing customers to participate in a chance to win a product for an incredibly low price. This promotion serves as a powerful tool to attract traffic and followers, giving customers the opportunity to explore the wide range of products available on the platform at minimal cost. The Freebies promotion is an effective strategy for generating engagement and expanding AliExpress’s customer base.

Coins and Rewards

AliExpress also offers Coins and Rewards, a gamified promotion designed to incentivize customers. Every time a customer makes a purchase or engages with the platform, they earn coins that can be later exchanged for discounts or even free products. This promotion not only encourages customer loyalty but also adds an element of fun and excitement to the shopping experience. Customers are motivated to collect coins and maximize their rewards, driving repeat purchases and boosting sales.

By leveraging these promotions, AliExpress successfully enhances its visibility and sales. The Lightning Offers, Freebies, and Coins and Rewards promotions are just a few examples of how AliExpress engages customers and stands out in the competitive e-commerce industry.

Promotion Type Description
Lightning Offers Special 48-hour deals with significant discounts
Freebies 1 cent product raffles to attract traffic and followers
Coins and Rewards Gamified promotion where buyers collect coins to exchange for products

Store Promotions

AliExpress understands the importance of enticing customers with attractive promotions. With their innovative marketing strategy, they offer a variety of store promotions to cater to the needs and preferences of their diverse customer base.

Coupons and Promotional Codes

One of the key features of AliExpress store promotions is the use of coupons and promotional codes. Sellers have the flexibility to create customized coupons, allowing them to determine the quantity, value, and applicable products for each promotion. This enables sellers to target specific customer segments and incentivize purchases.

Product Packs

In addition to coupons, AliExpress provides sellers with the option to create product packs. These packs bundle selected items together at a reduced price, offering customers a value-added proposition. By combining complementary products, sellers can increase the average order value and drive more sales.

Special Offers

AliExpress also offers special offers to encourage customers to spend a minimum amount. These special offers provide customers with privileges such as free shipping, priority processing, or exclusive discounts. By setting a spending threshold, AliExpress incentivizes customers to add more items to their cart and enhance their shopping experience.

Product Discounts

Lastly, AliExpress store promotions include conventional product discounts. Sellers can offer discounts on individual products, making them more appealing to customers. By highlighting discounted items, sellers can attract more attention and increase their chances of making a sale.

Overall, AliExpress store promotions encompass a wide range of strategies to engage and incentivize customers. Whether it’s through coupons, product packs, special offers, or product discounts, AliExpress ensures that their customers have compelling reasons to choose their platform for their shopping needs.

Next, we will explore the AliExpress affiliate program and how it can further enhance the marketing strategy of sellers.

Great Promotions

AliExpress understands the power of promotions in driving sales and increasing customer engagement. The platform offers a variety of special promotions throughout the year, including the highly anticipated Anniversary Promotion, Gift for All, and the renowned 11/11 Promotion.

During these Great Promotions, AliExpress delivers exceptional marketing actions that captivate customers and create a sense of excitement. The discounts offered during the 11/11 sale, for example, are known to range between 70% to 80%, making it a shopper’s paradise.

Moreover, AliExpress employs retargeting campaigns to ensure maximum reach and conversions. For the 11/11 Promotion, these campaigns run from July to November, strategically targeting users who have installed the app but haven’t made a purchase in up to six months.

The platform’s expansive product catalog plays a crucial role in the success of these promotions. With over six million items available, the number of ad impressions significantly increases, enabling AliExpress to generate more successful sales.

Results from previous promotional periods have been outstanding. AliExpress witnessed a staggering 100% increase in Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) compared to pre-promotion periods. This success allowed AliExpress to triple their budget, further fueling the growth of future campaigns and promotions.

Furthermore, the gross merchandise volume (GMV) for AliExpress experienced a four-fold increase during the promotional period, demonstrating the effectiveness of the marketing strategies employed.

These campaigns also boast higher Click-Through Rates (CTR) compared to previous marketing efforts, highlighting their optimized approach in capturing user attention.

By focusing on M-Commerce, AliExpress ensures that promotions are tailored to mobile devices, as consumers increasingly prefer shopping on their smartphones. The platform’s user-friendly mobile app provides a seamless buying experience, further enhancing customer satisfaction.

AliExpress has established itself as a leader in the e-commerce industry, with a marketing strategy that centers around organizing festivities with discounts. The success of events like the “single day” promotion, or the widely known 11/11 Promotion, not only breaks shopping records but also fosters a sense of loyalty and excitement among customers.

AliExpress’ Great Promotions are a testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence in marketing. The platform’s ability to deliver unique and engaging marketing campaigns drives sales, enhances user loyalty, and solidifies its position as a global e-commerce giant.

Affiliate Program

AliExpress offers an Affiliate Program that allows individuals to earn commissions by promoting products from the platform. Through this program, affiliates can drive external traffic to AliExpress and earn a commission for successful sales made through their special affiliate links.

With a commission rate of up to 9% on sales generated through their unique affiliate links, affiliates have the potential to earn significant income through the AliExpress Affiliate Program.

How It Works

When a customer clicks on an affiliate’s link and makes a purchase within three days, the affiliate receives a commission. This is made possible by the tracking cookie duration of 3 days, which ensures that affiliates are rewarded for their referral even if the customer doesn’t make an immediate purchase.

Once an affiliate has earned commissions that reach the withdrawal threshold of $16, they can request a payout. However, it’s important to note that AliExpress charges a processing fee of $15 per transaction when affiliates request withdrawals.

Becoming an Affiliate

The AliExpress Affiliate Program is open to individuals or entities with a consistent online presence, quality content, traffic generation capacity, and compliance with program policies. To join the program, interested affiliates can submit an application through the AliExpress Affiliate Program platform, providing relevant information about their online presence, content, and traffic sources.

Signing up for the AliExpress Affiliate Program is a straightforward process. Affiliates have the option of signing up directly through the AliExpress website or utilizing affiliate networks such as Awin, CJ Affiliate, and Flexoffers. In addition, AliExpress offers plugins like AliPlugin and AliDropship specifically designed for WordPress websites, making it easier for affiliates to integrate the program into their existing platforms.

Why Choose the AliExpress Affiliate Program?

The AliExpress Affiliate Program stands out as one of the most profitable programs in the market. With commission rates ranging from 8% to 50% depending on the product category, affiliates have the opportunity to earn substantial commissions by promoting a wide range of products available on AliExpress.

Furthermore, the program offers monthly payments and a minimum cash-out threshold of $16, ensuring that affiliates can access their earnings regularly.

By participating in the AliExpress Affiliate Program, affiliates can take advantage of the platform’s extensive product catalog, allowing them to select products based on search popularity and commission rates. This provides flexibility and the opportunity to cater to different niches and audience preferences.

To optimize their affiliate websites, affiliates are recommended to use WordPress as a platform, with the Wasabi Theme highlighted as the most optimized theme for affiliation. This theme offers SEO friendliness and ease of use, promising high search engine rankings and increased traffic for affiliates.

While the AliPlugin is suggested as a tool to quickly create an online affiliate store, it’s worth noting that it may negatively impact website loading speed compared to the Wasabi Theme. However, the Wasabi Theme provides features that allow affiliates to include attractive product boxes and comparison charts on their websites, enhancing the promotion of AliExpress products without the need for additional plugins.

By leveraging the AliExpress Affiliate Program, affiliates can tap into the platform’s reputation, extensive product offerings, and attractive commission structure to maximize their earnings potential in the competitive world of affiliate marketing.

Localized Marketing for the US Market

As part of its ambitious Aliexpress Marketing Strategy, AliExpress is actively targeting the US market and has developed a localized marketing approach to cater specifically to North American customers. By understanding the unique needs and preferences of US consumers, AliExpress aims to strengthen its presence and capture a significant share of the American e-commerce market.

To successfully penetrate the US market, AliExpress recognizes the importance of creating compelling content that resonates with North American customers. One key aspect is ensuring that product descriptions are informative and clearly highlight the value proposition of each item. Quality images are also crucial in showcasing products and enticing potential buyers. By providing accurate and visually appealing product information, AliExpress aims to enhance the overall shopping experience and build trust with US consumers.

Furthermore, AliExpress is leveraging the power of social media networks to amplify its brand presence and reach a wider audience in the US. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are utilized to build brand awareness, engage with customers, and promote products effectively. By establishing a strong social media presence and actively engaging with customers, AliExpress aims to foster a loyal customer base and drive repeat purchases.

AliExpress’ Global Expansion Image:

Nostalgic Marketing Approach

AliExpress understands the power of nostalgia and utilizes it as part of their marketing strategy. By incorporating elements from the 80’s era into their commercials, AliExpress creates a nostalgic marketing approach that resonates with their target audience.

AliExpress takes advantage of the emotional connection people have with the past by featuring 80’s themed commercials. These commercials evoke feelings of nostalgia, transporting viewers back to a time filled with vibrant colors, iconic music, and memorable pop culture references.

The use of 80’s themed commercials allows AliExpress to create a unique and memorable brand image. By tapping into the collective memories and shared experiences of their audience, AliExpress establishes a connection that goes beyond simply selling products.

These commercials are carefully crafted to capture the essence of the 80’s, featuring popular artists of the era, catchy tunes, and visually appealing aesthetics. The vibrant colors, interesting camera angles, and entertaining language or phrases further enhance the nostalgic experience.

Through this nostalgic marketing approach, AliExpress sets itself apart from competitors and creates a lasting impression on its audience. By leveraging the power of nostalgia, AliExpress taps into the emotions of their customers and creates a sense of familiarity and trust.

By incorporating 80’s themed commercials into their marketing strategy, AliExpress not only attracts new customers but also strengthens their relationship with existing ones. The nostalgic marketing approach reinforces brand loyalty and keeps customers coming back for more.

Overall, AliExpress’s nostalgic marketing approach is a strategic move that capitalizes on the power of emotions and memories. By utilizing 80’s themed commercials, AliExpress successfully creates a unique brand image and resonates with their target audience on a deeper level.

Exceptional Online Experience

As part of its AliExpress Marketing Strategy, AliExpress is committed to providing customers with an exceptional online experience. With its extensive coverage in over 200 countries and regions, AliExpress understands the importance of creating a user-friendly and efficient platform for its customers.

AliExpress recognizes that a seamless and secure online shopping experience is crucial for customer satisfaction. To ensure this, AliExpress prioritizes website security by leveraging secure payment methods such as SSL encryption and two-factor authentication. This not only protects customer information but also instills trust in the AliExpress platform.

As the market leader in Chinese cross-border eCommerce with over 75% market share, AliExpress sees significant daily traffic, with over 20 million buyers visiting each day. To cater to this vast user base, AliExpress is constantly revamping its website for U.S. customers, providing a personalized and localized experience. This includes running A/B testing on marketing campaigns to optimize customer engagement and conversion rates.

Furthermore, AliExpress is embracing the power of artificial intelligence in its AliExpress Online Experience through the utilization of ChatGPT powered by AI. This AI-powered customer communication tool enables prompt and helpful interactions, further enhancing the online experience for customers. As part of its customer service strategy, AliExpress may even integrate well-loved 80’s characters into these ChatGPT agents, adding a nostalgic touch to customer interactions.

AliExpress understands that a positive online experience not only ensures customer satisfaction but also drives repeat purchases and brand loyalty. By focusing on delivering an exceptional online experience, AliExpress aims to solidify its position as the go-to eCommerce platform for customers worldwide.

Effective Message Crafting and Personalization

When it comes to AliExpress’s marketing strategy, effective message crafting and personalization play a crucial role in capturing the attention and engagement of the North American customer base. Utilizing audience segmentation allows AliExpress to target specific customers with tailored messages that resonate with their interests and preferences.

Personalization is a key factor in successful email marketing and content marketing. By incorporating personalization techniques, AliExpress can create a more personalized and engaging experience for its customers, ultimately driving higher customer engagement and conversion rates.

According to industry statistics, 55% of marketers are seeking deeper personalization for their clients in email marketing. Additionally, 48% of marketers plan to continue automating their campaigns, further highlighting the importance of personalization in marketing efforts.

One effective technique that AliExpress can employ is retargeting. By reaching out to customers who have previously shown interest in their products, AliExpress can drive these potential customers back to the website and encourage them to make a purchase. Investing in dynamic remarketing specifically for the US customer base can yield significant results.

Furthermore, AliExpress can take advantage of real-time SMS notifications for order confirmation and email receipts, while also incorporating personalized product recommendations. With SMS open rates able to reach up to 98%, SMS marketing can provide an effective avenue for AliExpress to communicate with its customers and drive engagement.

In line with the Pareto principle, it is recommended for AliExpress to focus 80% of its marketing efforts on educational content and 20% on promotional content. This approach ensures that customers receive valuable information and resources while also being exposed to promotional offers and discounts.

By implementing effective message crafting and personalization strategies within its marketing campaigns, AliExpress can strengthen its connection with the North American market and drive higher engagement and conversion rates.

Statistics/Data Insights
55% of marketers seek deeper personalization for their clients in email marketing, while 48% plan to continue automating their campaigns. The significance of personalization in marketing efforts and the need for ongoing automation.
SMS open rates can reach up to 98%, which can be higher compared to email marketing. The effectiveness of SMS marketing and its potential for high engagement rates.
AliExpress utilizes real-time SMS notifications for order confirmation and email receipts with personalized product recommendations. The use of personalized messaging to enhance the customer experience and drive engagement.
It is suggested to focus 80% of marketing efforts on educational content and 20% on promotional content, following the Pareto principle. The recommended balance between educational and promotional content for optimal marketing results.

Establishing a Local Team

To successfully penetrate the American market, it is crucial for AliExpress to establish a US-based team. Having a local team allows AliExpress to have a deeper understanding of the market dynamics, cultural nuances, and customer preferences in the United States. By having a dedicated team on the ground, AliExpress can effectively tailor its marketing strategies to the demands of the local market.

An AliExpress US-based team can actively engage with local customers, build relationships with American businesses, and identify opportunities for growth. This team can serve as the bridge between AliExpress and the American market, ensuring that the marketing efforts align with the needs of US consumers.

Moreover, a US-based team can provide valuable insights into the competitive landscape and help AliExpress stay ahead of emerging trends in the e-commerce industry. By closely monitoring the local market, AliExpress can adapt its marketing strategy and offer personalized experiences to American customers.

Local Market Understanding

One of the key advantages of having a US-based team is the deep understanding of the local market. The team can conduct market research, analyze consumer behavior, and identify target audience segments specific to the United States. This understanding allows AliExpress to create targeted campaigns and promotions that resonate with American shoppers.

Additionally, the US-based team can collaborate with local influencers, media outlets, and community organizations to further strengthen AliExpress’s presence in the American market. By leveraging the team’s local knowledge and connections, AliExpress can build brand awareness, drive user engagement, and establish a loyal customer base.

Crafting a Simple and Impactful Message

In addition to having a US-based team, AliExpress should focus on crafting a simple and impactful message that appeals to American consumers. By clearly communicating AliExpress’s value proposition and unique offerings, the marketing strategy can effectively attract and retain customers in the competitive US market.

The message should highlight AliExpress’s wide range of products, competitive prices, and reliable shipping options, including standard, express, and free shipping. Emphasizing AliExpress’s commitment to customer satisfaction and providing excellent service is also essential in gaining the trust and confidence of American shoppers.

Furthermore, AliExpress can leverage innovative marketing tools and technologies to deliver personalized experiences to its US customers. By leveraging big data analytics, AliExpress can offer tailored recommendations and exclusive deals based on the preferences and purchase history of individual users.

Overall, establishing a US-based team, understanding the local market, and crafting a simple and impactful message are key components of AliExpress’s marketing strategy to successfully expand its presence in the United States.


With its diverse seller base, vast product range, and commitment to buyer protection, AliExpress has established itself as a leading eCommerce platform. The collaboration with shipping partners and establishment of local warehouses showcase AliExpress’s dedication to efficient logistics and reducing delivery times for customers.

Transparency and trust-building efforts, such as detailed product descriptions, high-quality images, and customer reviews, foster confidence in the platform. Competitive pricing, promotional campaigns, and discounts further attract budget-conscious consumers.

Continuous innovation, leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, enhances user experiences. AliExpress’s ability to adapt to changing market dynamics and consumer trends demonstrates a commitment to evolution in the e-commerce industry.

With a wide range of product categories and various electronic payment methods, AliExpress caters to diverse customer preferences. However, customers should be aware of additional charges and lengthy shipping times due to the origin of goods from China.


What is the purpose of AliExpress promotions?

AliExpress promotions aim to increase visibility and sales for businesses on the platform. They include Lightning Offers, Freebies, Coins and Rewards, and various store promotions.

What are the different types of AliExpress promotions?

AliExpress promotions are divided into AliExpress Promotions, Store Promotions, and Great Promotions. Each type offers different opportunities for businesses to promote their products and attract customers.

What are AliExpress Promotions?

AliExpress Promotions include special deals like Lightning Offers, where products are offered at discounted prices for a limited time, Freebies that offer 1 cent product raffles, and Coins and Rewards, a gamified promotion that allows buyers to collect coins for product exchanges.

What are Store Promotions on AliExpress?

Store Promotions allow sellers to create individual promotions for their stores, such as Coupons and Promotional Codes, Product Packs that bundle selected items at reduced prices, Special Offers that incentivize customers to spend a minimum amount for privileges, and traditional Product Discounts.

What are Great Promotions on AliExpress?

Great Promotions on AliExpress are designated dates for special promotions. They include the Anniversary Promotion, Gift for All, and the biggest event, the 11/11 Promotion. These promotions offer unique marketing actions, significant discounts, product raffles, and other exclusive offers.

How can businesses drive external traffic to AliExpress?

AliExpress offers an Affiliate Program where websites can advertise platform products and earn a commission for successful sales. This program is a successful tool for generating external traffic. Additionally, partnering with influencers through influencer marketing can help reach a wider audience.

What is the potential for AliExpress in the North American market?

AliExpress aims to expand its services in the North American market and create strong local marketing campaigns. Understanding the needs and wants of the local customer base is crucial to establishing a presence and gaining market share.

How can AliExpress differentiate itself in the US market?

AliExpress can differentiate itself by tapping into nostalgia with 80’s themed commercials, evoking an emotional response from customers. By creating a memorable and impactful impression, AliExpress can stand out from competitors and resonate with the target audience.

How can AliExpress provide an exceptional online experience?

AliExpress can provide an exceptional online experience by offering a user-friendly website interface, prompt customer service, and ensuring website security and efficiency. Implementing AI-powered ChatGPT agents to provide helpful communication channels for customers can also enhance the online experience.

How can AliExpress craft messages that resonate with US customers?

AliExpress can achieve this by segmenting the audience and targeting specific customers with personalized content. Personalization is crucial for email marketing and content marketing to increase customer engagement. Retargeting techniques can also bring customers back to the website.

What should AliExpress consider when establishing a presence in the US market?

To establish a strong presence in the American market, AliExpress needs a US-based team that can actively engage with local customers, establish relationships, and understand the needs and preferences of the market. Crafting a simple and impactful message, utilizing innovative marketing tools, and focusing on effective audience segmentation will contribute to success.

How can AliExpress maximize online sales in the US market?

By implementing a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes promotions, localized marketing, nostalgic marketing, an exceptional online experience, effective message crafting, and personalization, AliExpress can maximize its online sales and establish itself as a leading eCommerce platform in the US market.
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