Barilla Marketing Strategy 2024: A Case Study

Barilla, the renowned food brand established in 1877 and present in over 100 countries, has developed a comprehensive marketing strategy for 2024. This case study delves into the key aspects of Barilla’s marketing approach, highlighting their emphasis on brand positioning, digital marketing, and market competitiveness. The strategy aims to drive innovation, sustainability, and meet consumer demands for natural and healthy food options.

In an increasingly digital landscape, Barilla understands the importance of engaging with its target audience effectively. By leveraging various digital platforms, such as TikTok, Barilla has successfully connected with millions of people worldwide. Their marketing campaign on TikTok reached an impressive 110 million individuals, showcasing the global impact of their initiatives.

Key Takeaways:

  • Barilla saw above-benchmark brand lift in three out of four markets due to their campaign.
  • Engaging view-through rates surpassed benchmarks, thanks to Barilla’s strategic marketing efforts.
  • Barilla aims to make every commercial decision data-driven by 2025, implementing a data-focused approach to drive success.
  • The collaboration with Adverity, a data integration platform, significantly improved brand favorability and engagement for Barilla.
  • Barilla’s marketing campaign on TikTok not only reached millions but also saved over 500,000 meals, aligning with their mission to address food scarcity and reduce waste.

Brand Positioning and Competitiveness

Barilla, a renowned leader in the pasta market, understands the significance of brand positioning and competitiveness in today’s dynamic business landscape. By conducting comprehensive market research and competitive analysis, Barilla has successfully crafted a strategic brand positioning that resonates with its target audience.

With an increased environmental awareness post-pandemic, eco-active consumers in Germany and Italy have showcased a growing interest in sustainable products. Barilla, recognizing this shift, has invested heavily in sustainability initiatives, making brand positioning centered around environmental consciousness a key focus. This commitment to sustainability aligns with the estimated global trend of sustainable consumers reaching 40% in the near future.

Market research has revealed that although 66% of individuals intend to purchase more sustainable products, only 20% follow through with consistent actions. Barilla recognizes the importance of addressing this gap and strives to be at the forefront of the industry, capitalizing on its competitive advantage.

Company Focus Percentage
Green environmental 42%
Multinational 36%
Local 22%

Amidst an ever-expanding market, Barilla continues to strengthen its brand positioning through strategic investments. The company recently announced a €1 billion investment over five years, reinforcing its industrial structure and paving the way for future growth and competitiveness.

Barilla’s commitment to innovation and geographical expansion is evident through its investment strategy, with 60% of investments focused on enhancing competitiveness and 40% dedicated to supporting innovation and geographical growth strategies.

Barilla’s marketing campaigns have played a pivotal role in promoting its brand positioning and enhancing competitiveness. A recent campaign reached an audience of over 110 million people and successfully saved more than 500,000 meals through impactful initiatives. Notably, the campaign secured the Grand Prix at the TikTok Ad Awards, serving as a benchmark for digital advertising excellence within the industry.

Barilla’s brand positioning is further strengthened by its regional differentiation approach, specifically tailoring its marketing strategies to diverse markets such as Italy, Germany, and the United States. By emphasizing authenticity through traditional recipes and high-quality ingredients, Barilla fosters a strong brand identity that resonates with consumers.

The company also capitalizes on health trends by offering products like whole grain and gluten-free pasta, aligning with the growing demand for healthier options. Additionally, Barilla engages in cause-related marketing initiatives, aiming to connect with consumers on a deeper level and build brand loyalty.

Leveraging digital marketing strategies, Barilla effectively promotes its products, engages with customers, and enhances brand visibility in today’s digital landscape. This commitment to innovation and customer engagement is a testament to Barilla’s competitiveness and its ability to stay ahead in the market.


  • Strong brand reputation
  • Diverse product portfolio
  • Commitment to innovation
  • Global presence
  • Effective marketing strategies


  • Supply chain challenges
  • Vulnerability to external factors
  • Dependency on specific product categories


  • Growing health consciousness
  • Expansion into emerging markets
  • Diversification of product portfolio
  • Sustainability initiatives


  • Intense competition
  • Changing consumer preferences
  • Economic factors
  • Supply chain disruptions

Barilla’s commitment to overcoming supply chain challenges, such as demand fluctuation and high inventory costs, the bullwhip effect, and production process constraints, highlights the company’s dedication to improving efficiency and responsiveness to market demands.

Digital Marketing and Audience Engagement

In today’s digital landscape, Barilla has employed a strategic approach to marketing, utilizing various channels to engage their audience effectively. With the aim of creating an immersive experience that transcends traditional marketing approaches, Barilla has implemented a robust digital marketing strategy.

One notable campaign that exemplifies Barilla’s digital marketing prowess is the “Barilla Red Experience.” This campaign featured tailored landing pages, providing users with a multi-sensory augmented reality (AR) experience upon scanning the packaging. By harnessing the power of AR technology, Barilla simulated the visual sensation of their gourmet bronze-drawn pasta’s texture, delivering an immersive experience that engages the senses.

The “Barilla Red Experience” campaign seamlessly combined 3D video animation, visual texture simulation, and auditory elements to bring their premium pasta product to life. This sensory-rich marketing approach not only differentiated Barilla in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry but also captivated customers in a new and memorable way.

A key advantage of incorporating Augmented Reality into marketing is its ability to broaden the sensory horizons of campaigns. For brands like Barilla, this presents an opportunity to redefine premium marketing and enhance customer engagement strategies. Augmented Reality is a disruptive technology that significantly impacts consumer decision-making, particularly in a market where rapid choices are prevalent.

Another avenue where Barilla has excelled in digital marketing is through collaborations with platforms such as Amazon and Spotify. By partnering with Compass Marketing, Barilla has effectively managed Amazon Ads since 2016, optimizing content and targeting the right audiences. Sponsored Display campaigns surface ads on Barilla’s own product detail pages, while Enhanced A+ content contributes to the success of these campaigns, driving engagement and sales.

Furthermore, Barilla’s collaboration with Spotify is a testament to their innovative approach to audience engagement. Through the “Playlist Timer” campaign, Barilla and Spotify created unique playlists that corresponded to different types of pasta cooking times. This collaboration aimed to reach homebound consumers during the Covid-19 pandemic, providing valuable content that seamlessly integrates into their daily lives.

With Spotify boasting a 36% share of the global streaming market and an audience consisting of 76% millennials, Barilla strategically targeted their desired Gen Z and millennial audiences. The campaign, featuring eight Spotify playlists curated with popular music genres, aimed to increase reach, attract and retain customers, and boost brand loyalty.

Barilla’s digital marketing efforts have propelled them to the forefront of the industry. Their ability to craft immersive experiences, utilize innovative technologies like AR, and strategically collaborate with platforms like Amazon and Spotify showcases their commitment to engaging audiences and staying at the forefront of digital marketing.

Campaign Key Features Results
Barilla Red Experience – Tailored landing pages
– Multi-sensory AR experience
– Visual texture simulation
– Auditory elements
Engaged customers with immersive experience and differentiated Barilla in the FMCG industry
Collaboration with Amazon – Sponsored Display ads
– Targeting capabilities
– Enhanced A+ content
Increased sales, engagement, and successful content optimization
Collaboration with Spotify – “Playlist Timer” campaign
– Curated playlists based on pasta cooking times
– Popular music genres
Reached target Gen Z and Millennial audiences, increased brand loyalty

Tackling Food Waste with Creativity

Barilla, a leading Italian pasta brand, has taken a creative approach to tackle the global issue of food waste. With over a third of the world’s food abandoned or ending up in landfills, Barilla recognized the need for innovative solutions to reduce waste and promote sustainability.

Studies conducted at Barilla revealed that a significant portion of food loss and waste occurs in the early stages of the supply chain, with 87% of it happening before it reaches consumers. At the consumption level, a staggering 76% of all edible parts are wasted, highlighting the urgent need for action.

Barilla’s “Second Life Pasta” campaign was launched to address food waste by repurposing surplus pasta dishes into new meals. This creative initiative not only emphasizes the versatility and sustainability of pasta but also reduces waste at the consumer level.

The campaign, strategically launched on World Pasta Day, aimed to raise awareness about reducing food waste and promote Barilla’s commitment to sustainability. By encouraging consumer creativity in using leftover vegetables and partnering with Carrefour, Barilla aimed to inspire healthy eating habits and minimize food waste.

Barilla’s efforts align with the global goal of curbing greenhouse gas emissions. Food loss and waste generate about 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions, placing it as the third-largest emitter behind China and the United States if it were a separate country. By reducing food waste, emissions of planet-warming gases can be significantly reduced.

The impact of Barilla’s campaign has been substantial. The #SecondLifePasta campaign reached over 110 million users on TikTok, resulting in an annual saving of more than 500,000 meals. Research indicates that creativity plays a crucial role in engaging audiences, with brands experiencing a 47% increase in actions taken when employing the TikTok First Creative approach.

In addition to Barilla’s efforts, collaborations and innovations throughout the food ecosystem are essential for addressing food waste. From production to consumption, sustainable supply chain designs and proactive measures are necessary to combat this global challenge.

Food Waste Statistics Barilla’s Approach
Over a third of the world’s food remains abandoned or ends up in landfills. The “Second Life Pasta” campaign repurposes surplus pasta dishes into new meals.
Food loss and waste generate about 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Barilla’s campaign aims to reduce food waste and curb emissions of planet-warming gases.
If food waste were a country, it would be the third-largest greenhouse gas emitter behind China and the United States.
Studies at Barilla showed that 87% of all food loss and waste can be found in the early stages of the supply chain. Barilla’s campaign addresses food waste at the consumer level, highlighting the need for action at every stage of the supply chain.
At the consumption level, 76% of all edible parts are wasted. Consumer creativity in using leftover vegetables is encouraged, promoting healthy eating habits and minimizing food waste.
94% of total food loss and waste from pasta production is used in alternative sectors.
The research also found that between 10% and 40% of pasta products are wasted at the final consumption level.
Barilla’s efforts on TikTok resulted in an annual saving of over 500,000 meals.

Leveraging TikTok’s Unique Features

As part of Barilla’s digital marketing strategy, the company recognized the immense potential of TikTok’s platform and its ability to engage audiences through innovative and creative content. With over 1 billion users globally, TikTok has become a powerhouse for brands seeking to connect with their target market in a dynamic and interactive way.

One key aspect of Barilla’s success on TikTok was their understanding of the platform’s unique features, which allowed them to push creative boundaries and capture the attention of users. According to recent statistics, 64% of people on TikTok want brands to push creative boundaries, making it the perfect platform for Barilla’s innovative marketing campaigns.

The #pasta content on TikTok alone has amassed around 30 billion video views, showcasing the immense popularity and engagement around food-related content. Barilla leveraged this trend by launching their #SecondLifePasta campaign on TikTok, resulting in over 110 million video views and approximately 500,000 dishes being saved per year. This campaign not only resonated with the audience but also contributed to reducing food waste, a critical issue in today’s world.

Barilla’s success on TikTok can be seen by the impressive results of their campaign collaborations with content creators. For example, Barilla’s TikTok-first campaign saw Swedish brand IQ generate more than 16 million views, 156,000 likes, a 447% increase in followers, and significant increases in ad recall and awareness. Similarly, Burger King’s TikTok campaign achieved over 20 million views, one million likes, and thousands of comments, shares, and new followers.

Nikon Europe also saw success with their TikTok campaign, which garnered over 25 million views, 177,700 likes, shares, and comments, along with a significant lift in brand awareness. Likewise, Rossmann Polska’s TikTok campaign received over 13 million views, nearly 350,000 likes, and thousands of saves, further highlighting the platform’s potential for brand exposure and engagement.

Barilla’s collaboration with lifestyle creator Gigi Vives on TikTok reached over 30.5 million users, leading to stock selling out for TOUS Claws jewellery kits. Additionally, Glow For It’s TikTok campaign achieved a 9% purchase rate and a 4.58x return on ad spend, selling one month’s worth of stock in less than 48 hours.

The success of Barilla’s TikTok campaigns was further recognized at the TikTok Ad Awards, where they were crowned the Greatest TikTok Europe winner for their #SecondLifePasta campaign. This accolade demonstrated the effectiveness of using TikTok as a platform for audience engagement and spreading important brand messages.

To visualize the reach and impact of Barilla’s TikTok campaigns, here are some key statistics:

Gross Total Reach 11.1 million
Barilla Ecosystem Reach 4 million
Online Conversations Reach 788,000
Influencers Activations Reach 6.3 million
Media Outlets Publications 34 (15 Italy, 19 international)
Video Views (Hero Video + Influencer Video) 2.74 million
Completed Video Views (Hero Video + Influencer Video) 1.28 million
View Completion Rate (VCR) for Hero Video + Influencer Video 8.9%
Clicks (Hero Video + Influencer Video) 31,000+
Net Sentiment Increase (Owned Only) +40pp
Online Conversations about the Event 7,100
Campaign Mentions 240
Interactions (TikTok Engagements + Organic) 1.9 million
Engagement Rate 13.4%
Number of Pieces of Content using the “Funky Rigatoni” Track 8,900
Generated Views from Content using the “Funky Rigatoni” Track 27.7 million

These impressive statistics demonstrate the extent of Barilla’s success on TikTok and their ability to engage and captivate the platform’s vast user base. By leveraging TikTok’s unique features and collaborating with popular content creators, Barilla was able to effectively promote their brand and spread important messages about sustainable food consumption. The results speak for themselves, showcasing the power of TikTok as a valuable tool in Barilla’s digital marketing strategy.

Stay tuned for Section 6, where we will explore the power of collaborating with content creators in more detail.

The Power of Collaborating with Creators

In today’s digital age, collaborating with creators has become a powerful marketing strategy for brands to reach and engage with their target audience. Barilla, a leader in the food industry, recognizes the value of collaborating with influential creators to amplify their advertising campaigns and connect with consumers in a more authentic way.

One of Barilla’s successful collaborations was with renowned organizing consultant and social media influencer, Marie Kondo. The campaign, aptly named “Barilla x Marie Kondo,” garnered over 1.1 million views, providing Barilla with significant exposure and brand recognition. With Marie Kondo’s immense following of 4 million on Instagram and 700k+ on YouTube, Barilla tapped into her influence to effectively reach their target audience.

Marie Kondo’s Reels videos, showcasing her signature organizing methods, have an average of 550k+ views. Leveraging her expertise and popularity, Barilla strategically collaborated with Marie Kondo to develop content that resonates with her primarily female audience, aged 25-34, and attracts their interest in foodie content. This collaboration allowed Barilla to seamlessly integrate their brand into Marie Kondo’s content, increasing their visibility and credibility in the eyes of their target consumers.

By working with creators like Marie Kondo, Barilla not only benefits from their massive reach and engaged audience but also establishes a more personal and relatable connection with consumers. Collaborations with creators allow brands to leverage their expertise, authenticity, and influence to bridge the gap between advertising and genuine engagement.

Enhancing Credibility and Innovation

Barilla’s collaboration with creators not only amplifies their marketing campaigns but also enhances their credibility and reinforces their innovative brand image. For example, Barilla’s partnership with Marie Kondo aligns with their commitment to sustainability and reducing food waste.

According to statistics, almost a third of people in the UK have eaten out-of-date food items in the past month due to financial constraints. Additionally, around two in 10 individuals have turned off their fridge or freezer to reduce their energy bill. Recognizing these challenges faced by consumers, Barilla’s campaign provides pasta eaters with information on how to save money and energy, connecting with its audience during times of consumer strife.

To further enhance their credibility and innovation, Barilla also collaborates with open-source projects like the Passive Cooker. This energy-saving hack aligns with Barilla’s commitment to sustainability and helps consumers during economic hardships by reducing their energy consumption. By associating their brand with practical solutions and initiatives, Barilla effectively positions themselves as a trusted and forward-thinking company.

Addressing Real-Life Challenges

Collaborating with creators has become a powerful tool to address real-life challenges faced by consumers. Barilla’s marketing strategy focuses on engaging consumers from the point of purchase to the kitchen, effectively leveraging mental availability in a highly competitive market.

For instance, Iceland’s effort to provide interest-free microloans for the weekly shop is an example of a campaign that addresses the cost-of-living crisis. Similarly, Barilla’s collaboration with Marie Kondo and other creators addresses the challenges of food waste, saving money, and energy consumption.

The power of collaborating with creators lies in their ability to empathize with their audience and provide solutions that resonate on a personal level. By partnering with creators who specialize in relevant niches, such as food and cooking, Barilla ensures that their advertising campaigns are not only tailored to their target audience but also provide practical value.

Statistical Insights
Over 1.1M views for the Barilla x Marie Kondo campaign
Marie Kondo has 4M followers on Instagram
Marie Kondo has 700k+ followers on YouTube
Marie Kondo’s Reels videos have an average of 550K+ views
90% of Marie Kondo’s followers are female, mostly aged 25-34
43% of Marie Kondo’s audience are interested in foodie content

Repurposing Content for Impactful Marketing

In today’s digital age, creative marketing strategies are essential for brands to stand out and capture the attention of their target audience. Barilla, a renowned Italian food company, has successfully leveraged the power of social media platforms like TikTok to repurpose content and create impactful marketing campaigns.

Barilla’s advertising campaigns on TikTok have gained significant traction, thanks to their unique approach in repurposing viral pasta videos. By adding a creative twist to these videos, Barilla not only promoted their brand but also highlighted the importance of finding innovative ways to reduce food waste.

With the rise in environmental consciousness, consumers are increasingly concerned about the excessive packaging materials accompanying online purchases. Transportation contributes to over 20% of global CO2 emissions, and the fashion sector alone is projected to produce 6 million tons of CO2 by 2030. As a company dedicated to sustainability, Barilla recognized the need for eco-friendly packaging solutions.

To address this concern, Barilla initiated a collaboration with renowned organizing consultant Marie Kondo. Together, they repurpose pasta boxes for shipping pre-loved garments, showcasing a creative and impactful way to reduce waste. This innovative initiative was ideated by creative agency LePub Italy.

The collaboration between Barilla and Marie Kondo offers a tangible solution that not only reduces waste but also promotes the brand’s commitment to sustainability. By repurposing their packaging materials, Barilla demonstrates their dedication to environmentally friendly practices. More than 99% of Barilla’s packaging is designed for recycling, and they source over 99% of their paper and cardboard from responsibly managed forests.

The project with Marie Kondo aims to amplify the initiative on social networks through international influencers who showcase Kondo’s folding techniques using Barilla boxes. This partnership not only provides a practical solution for eco-friendly packaging but also promotes the idea that waste minimization can be creative and effortless.

Barilla’s efforts to repurpose content and collaborate with influencers like Marie Kondo demonstrate their commitment to making a positive impact and leading the way in sustainable practices. By leveraging TikTok’s unique features and repurposing viral videos, Barilla has successfully created advertising campaigns that resonate with their audience while promoting important environmental values.

Through their innovative and impactful marketing strategies, Barilla continues to inspire consumers to adopt sustainable practices and rethink their approach to waste reduction. By repurposing content, Barilla has shown that even simple actions can lead to a significant environmental change.

Reach and Impact

Barilla’s marketing campaigns have consistently demonstrated impressive reach and impactful results. A notable example is the campaign “CareBonara — The Origins of Carbonara,” which garnered 17.5 million YouTube views in four countries and reached a global audience of 73 million.

This campaign not only achieved outstanding viewership but also had a significant impact on brand visibility and engagement. The use of the keyword “Barilla” on YouTube and Search was up to 47 times higher among those exposed to the campaign compared to those who hadn’t seen the ad. This indicates that the campaign effectively captured the attention of its target audience and generated strong interest in the brand.

The TrueView in-stream format video, used in the “CareBonara” campaign, achieved an impressive view rate of 62%, with 13% of users watching the video until the end. This high viewer engagement and retention rate demonstrate the campaign’s ability to captivate and hold the attention of its audience.

The success of the “CareBonara” campaign surpassed expectations and solidified it as one of Barilla’s most successful marketing endeavors. This achievement not only raised brand awareness but also helped strengthen Barilla’s position as a leader in the food industry.

It’s worth highlighting that Barilla’s marketing efforts extend beyond traditional advertising. The company’s emphasis on using engaging devices, such as the innovative energy-saving Passive Cooker, showcases their commitment to making content attention-grabbing and memorable.

By implementing creative solutions like the Passive Cooker, Barilla not only promotes passive cooking but also addresses the need for cost-saving and energy efficiency. This campaign aims to offer genuine utility to consumers and reinforce Barilla’s commitment to providing innovative solutions that cater to their target audience’s needs.

Barilla Target Audience Analysis

Barilla’s marketing campaigns are strategically designed to resonate with their target audience. The company recognizes the importance of audience analysis in creating effective and engaging content.

One of the key elements in Barilla’s target audience analysis is the concept of mental availability, as highlighted by marketing expert Byron Sharp. Barilla extends its brand presence beyond the initial purchase by reinforcing brand recall through previous campaigns that are linked to the pasta cooking process. By leveraging this association, Barilla maximizes opportunities for brand recall and fosters a strong connection with their audience.

In addition, Barilla’s commitment to promoting diversity and inclusiveness is evident in their marketing efforts. With 14 employee resource groups focusing on various diversity aspects, Barilla ensures that their campaigns are inclusive and representative of their diverse audience.

Overall, Barilla’s marketing campaigns not only reach a wide audience but also make a lasting impact through engaging content, innovative devices, and strategic targeting. By continuously analyzing their target audience and staying true to their brand values, Barilla remains a leader in the food industry with a strong and loyal customer base.

Award-Winning Execution

Barilla’s commitment to innovative and impactful advertising campaigns has been recognized and celebrated across the industry. One notable achievement was Barilla and LePub winning the Food and Drink category at The Drum Awards for Creativity, a testament to their exceptional creativity and effectiveness in promoting their brand.

Another remarkable accomplishment was Barilla’s success at the TikTok Ad Awards, where their advertising campaigns on the popular social media platform were honored with the prestigious Grand Prix. This recognition highlights Barilla’s ability to leverage TikTok’s unique features and engage their audience in creative and compelling ways.

This award-winning execution showcased the power of Barilla’s marketing strategy, captivating audiences and driving meaningful results. Through collaborations with renowned chefs, including their own executive chef and “Top Chef” contestants, Barilla created captivating content that resonated with their target audience.

During live pasta-cooking demonstrations, Barilla showcased their gourmet line, Collezione, and even organized a pasta cook-off featuring their executive chef and Olympic gold medalist Mikaela Shiffrin. The activation took place at the Laver Cup tennis tournament in Chicago, providing an ideal platform to engage with sports enthusiasts and pasta lovers alike.

Transforming a shipping container into a commercial pasta kitchen named “Lucky Penne” and featuring the Little Gemelli Ape Cart, a mobile sampling vehicle, Barilla made sure to create immersive experiences that left a lasting impression on attendees. Additionally, a pre-activation lunch at Spiaggia, a Michelin-starred Italian restaurant in downtown Chicago, further reinforced Barilla’s commitment to culinary excellence.

The global recognition received by Barilla’s advertising campaigns is a testament to their ability to blend creativity, authenticity, and brand messaging seamlessly. Through their award-winning execution, Barilla continues to position itself as a leader in the pasta industry, driving growth and captivating audiences around the world.

Notable Achievements Impact
Food and Drink category win at The Drum Awards for Creativity Recognized excellence in creativity and effectiveness
Grand Prix at the TikTok Ad Awards High-performing campaigns leveraging TikTok’s features


In conclusion, Barilla’s marketing strategy has played a pivotal role in establishing the brand as a leader in the pasta market. By leveraging brand positioning, digital marketing, and sustainability initiatives, Barilla has successfully captured the attention of its target audience and created impactful campaigns.

Through its commitment to creativity, innovation, and meaningful messaging, Barilla has cultivated a positive brand perception and maintained its market dominance. The company’s rich culinary tradition, quality standards, and social responsibility initiatives have further contributed to its success.

However, Barilla does face competition from key players in the pasta industry, and its competitors invest heavily in advertising, brand awareness, and product development. To maintain its market share, Barilla should continue to invest in these areas and explore opportunities for international expansion in emerging markets.

Overall, Barilla’s marketing strategy demonstrates a clear understanding of consumer preferences and market trends. By producing a diverse range of products and adapting to specific nutritional needs, Barilla has effectively differentiated itself and solidified its position as a world leader in pasta production and pasta sauces.


What is Barilla’s marketing strategy for 2024?

Barilla’s marketing strategy for 2024 focuses on brand positioning, digital marketing, and market competitiveness. The strategy emphasizes innovation, sustainability, and catering to consumer demands for natural and healthy food options.

How does Barilla position its brand in the market?

Barilla invests in market research and competitive analysis to frame its brand positioning. The company emphasizes sustainability initiatives and innovative products to stand out in the competitive pasta market.

What is Barilla’s digital marketing strategy?

Barilla has implemented a robust digital marketing plan, leveraging platforms like TikTok to engage its target audience. By collaborating with creators and utilizing TikTok’s unique features, Barilla creates campaigns that resonate with users and drive brand awareness and engagement.

How does Barilla tackle food waste in its promotional tactics?

Barilla launched the “Second Life Pasta” campaign, which creatively repurposes surplus pasta dishes into new meals, highlighting the sustainability and versatility of pasta. This campaign aims to promote awareness about reducing food waste.

How does Barilla leverage TikTok’s unique features in its marketing?

Barilla’s marketing campaign on TikTok takes full advantage of the platform’s unique features. By collaborating with talented creators and utilizing viral pasta videos, Barilla engages its target audience and increases brand visibility on TikTok.

How does Barilla collaborate with creators in its advertising campaigns?

Barilla collaborates with creators on TikTok who specialize in cooking and food-related content. These collaborations allow Barilla to tap into the creators’ existing fan base and leverage their influence to amplify the campaign’s reach and credibility.

How does Barilla repurpose content for impactful marketing?

Barilla repurposes viral pasta videos on TikTok to create impactful marketing content. By adding a unique twist to the videos, Barilla captures the attention of viewers and promotes the idea of finding innovative ways to reduce food waste.

What is the reach and impact of Barilla’s marketing campaign?

Barilla’s marketing campaign achieved an impressive reach, reaching 110 million people globally. The campaign’s impactful message and entertaining content resonated with the target audience, resulting in increased brand awareness and engagement.

Did Barilla’s marketing campaign on TikTok win any awards?

Yes, Barilla’s marketing campaign on TikTok won the Grand Prix at the TikTok Ad Awards. This award showcases the campaign’s innovative and high-performing nature, highlighting Barilla’s ability to effectively leverage TikTok’s features for a compelling and engaging marketing experience.

How successful is Barilla’s marketing strategy?

Barilla’s marketing strategy for 2024 has proven successful in positioning the brand, engaging the target audience, and driving impactful campaigns. Through brand positioning, digital marketing, and a focus on sustainability, Barilla has established itself as a leader in the pasta market.
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