Utilizing Gift With Purchase in Promotions

Gift with purchase promotions are a powerful sales tactic used by brands to incentivize buyers. These promotions offer customers a free gift when they make a purchase, adding value to the brand and driving customer engagement. The advantages of gift with purchase promotions are numerous. They not only increase conversion rates but also encourage repeat purchases and upsell products. Moreover, gift with purchase promotions can build customer loyalty by creating a positive association with the brand. By offering a gift of higher value than the purchased product, brands can further enhance their brand perception.

Compared to discount promotions, gift with purchase promotions maintain the perceived worth of the product. They can be more cost-effective for brands while still providing customers with a valuable incentive. The success of a gift-with-purchase campaign lies in careful consideration of business objectives, the type of gift offered, and effective promotion strategies.

Timing is a crucial factor in running a successful gift-with-purchase campaign. Clear communication of the promotion details is essential, including information on the duration of the offer, any limitations, and how customers can receive the gift. Branding and marketing across various channels maximize the campaign’s reach and impact.

Tracking the effectiveness of the gift-with-purchase campaign with data and analytics allows brands to make informed decisions and optimize their strategies. Subscription brands can leverage gift-with-purchase promotions to increase subscription conversions. By offering a free gift for a limited time to customers who purchase the subscription version of a product, brands can upsell and target customers interested in repeat purchases.

Overall, gift-with-purchase campaigns are a valuable opportunity for brands to connect with customers, demonstrate understanding, and deliver value. By carefully planning and executing these campaigns, brands can drive sales, build customer loyalty, and achieve their business objectives.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gift with purchase promotions incentivize buyers and add value to the brand.
  • These promotions can increase conversion rates and encourage repeat purchases.
  • Offering a gift of higher value enhances brand perception and loyalty.
  • Gift with purchase promotions are more cost-effective than discount promotions.
  • Timing, clear communication, branding, and tracking are essential for success.

What is a gift with purchase (GWP)?

A Gift With Purchase (GWP) promotion is a type of sales campaign implemented by brands to incentivize customers with a free gift in exchange for making a purchase. These promotions can be tailored to focus on a specific product or used to encourage customers to reach a minimum purchase amount. By offering a relevant and valuable gift, brands aim to enhance the customer’s purchase experience and drive sales conversions. GWP promotions often come with set limitations, such as a specific duration or quantity, to create a sense of exclusivity and urgency.

Customers who participate in GWP promotions receive additional value for their purchase, making it a win-win scenario for both brands and customers. The strategy not only increases sales but also helps brands build customer loyalty and make their products more appealing to potential buyers.

Benefits of a GWP promotion

GWP promotions, or gift with purchase promotions, offer several benefits for brands. These promotions are designed to increase conversion rates, encourage repeat purchases, and build customer loyalty. Let’s explore the advantages of implementing GWP promotions:

Increase Conversion Rates

By offering a free gift with a purchase, GWP promotions make customers feel like they are getting more value from their purchase. This added value can create a sense of urgency, prompting customers to make a purchase to avoid missing out on the exclusive and limited offer. As a result, GWP promotions can effectively increase conversion rates and drive sales.

Encourage Repeat Purchases

GWP promotions provide an opportunity for customers to try out new products from the brand. By offering a free gift, customers are exposed to more products within the brand’s range, increasing the likelihood of repeat purchases. This exposure to different products helps to build customer loyalty and keeps customers coming back for more.

Upsell Products

A strategically implemented GWP promotion can be used to upsell products. Brands can offer the free gift only when customers spend over a certain amount, encouraging them to make additional purchases to reach the threshold and receive the free product. This approach can increase the average order value and generate more revenue for the brand.

Build Customer Loyalty

GWP promotions can build customer loyalty by adding value to the customer’s purchase and creating a positive association with the brand. When customers receive a free gift, they perceive the brand as making an effort to connect with them through value-added promotions. This positive experience can lead to increased customer loyalty and a higher likelihood of repeat purchases.

Overall, GWP promotions offer numerous benefits for brands, from increasing conversion rates and encouraging repeat purchases to building customer loyalty. By leveraging the power of free gifts, brands can enhance their marketing strategies, drive customer engagement, and achieve their business objectives.

When would you use a gift with purchase promotion?

GWP promotions are a powerful marketing tool that can be strategically used to increase repeat purchases and reduce product return rates. By offering customers a free gift with their purchase, brands can create a perception of increased value, incentivizing customers to make future purchases and decreasing the likelihood of product returns.

One scenario where GWP promotions can be particularly effective is in increasing repeat purchases of a specific product. Studies have shown that when a focal product is offered as a gift with purchase, customers perceive it to be worth more. This perception not only enhances the perceived value of the product but also increases the likelihood of customers purchasing it again in the future.

GWP promotions also play a role in reducing product return rates. Customers are less likely to return a product that was received as a gift with purchase because they perceive a greater loss in returning an item that was obtained for free. This mindset creates a deterrent for returns and contributes to reduced product return rates.

When considering the implementation of GWP promotions, brands should carefully evaluate their business goals and objectives. GWP promotions can be strategically used to target specific products or product lines, stimulating repeat purchases and creating brand loyalty. Additionally, brands can employ GWP promotions to help minimize product return rates, ultimately reducing costs associated with returns and enhancing customer satisfaction.

By harnessing the power of GWP promotions, brands have an opportunity to drive customer engagement, increase customer loyalty, and optimize their overall business performance.

Benefits of a GWP Promotion When to Use a GWP Promotion
• Increase conversion rates • Increase repeat purchases
• Encourage customer loyalty • Reduce product return rates
• Upsell products

How to run a successful gift with purchase promotion

Running a successful gift-with-purchase (GWP) promotion requires careful planning and execution. By considering your business objectives and choosing the right type of gift, you can create an impactful GWP campaign that drives sales and customer engagement. Here are some key factors to consider:

1. Business Objectives

Prioritize your business objectives when planning a GWP promotion. Whether you want to increase sales, boost customer loyalty, or introduce a new product, align your campaign with these goals.

2. Type of Gift Offered

The type of gift you offer should be appealing and relevant to your customers. Consider offering products or experiences that complement their purchase, adding value and enhancing their overall shopping experience.

3. Promotion Details

Clear and concise communication of the promotion details is crucial. Include information about the duration of the offer, any limitations (such as region or specific retailers), and what customers need to do to receive the gift. This transparency helps create a sense of urgency and encourages customers to take action.

4. Awareness

Increasing awareness of your GWP promotion is essential to its success. Leverage various marketing channels such as email campaigns, social media campaigns, ads, and in-store signage to spread the word. Engage with your audience and create excitement around the offer.

5. Timing

Selecting the right timing for your GWP promotion can significantly impact its effectiveness. Consider launching campaigns around holidays or slower business seasons when customers are more likely to be receptive to special offers.

6. Clear Communication

Ensure that your messaging is clear and easy to understand. Clearly communicate how customers can redeem the gift, any purchase requirements, and any other relevant details. This reduces confusion and enhances the overall customer experience.

By strategically planning and executing your GWP promotion, you can drive sales, build customer loyalty, and achieve your business objectives. Remember to track the effectiveness of your campaign through data and analytics to inform future marketing strategies.

Now, let’s take a look at some examples of successful GWP promotions:

Brand Promotion Gift Offered
Clinique Free gift with minimum purchase Skincare or makeup samples
Estée Lauder Free gift set with a certain spend Full-size skincare or makeup products
Lancôme Gift with purchase of a specific product Travel-sized skincare or makeup products
Jimmy Joy Multiple free gifts with Starter Box purchase Shaker cup, samples, and discount codes

These examples demonstrate the versatility and effectiveness of GWP promotions across different industries and products.

Examples of GWP promotions

Many brands have successfully implemented gift-with-purchase promotions. Cosmetic brands like Clinique, Estée Lauder, and Lancôme are well-known for their use of GWP promotions. For example, Clinique offers a free gift with a minimum purchase, while Estée Lauder offers a free gift set with a certain spend. Other brands in various industries have also utilized GWP promotions, such as meal replacement service Jimmy Joy offering several free gifts with the purchase of their Starter Box. These examples showcase the versatility and effectiveness of GWP promotions across different products and industries.

Brand Promotion Details
Clinique Free Gift Receive a free skincare gift with a minimum purchase of $50 or more.
Estée Lauder Gift Set Get a complimentary gift set with any purchase over $75.
Lancôme Limited Edition Gift Get a limited edition makeup palette with the purchase of selected beauty products.
Jimmy Joy Multiple Gifts Receive a shaker, tote bag, and nutrition guide with the purchase of the Starter Box.

The impact of GWP campaigns

Successful gift-with-purchase campaigns have a significant impact on brands, benefiting them in various ways.

Increase in Average Order Value (AOV)

By incentivizing customers to reach a specific purchase threshold in order to receive a free gift, gift-with-purchase promotions can help increase the average order value. Customers are motivated to add more items to their cart or spend more to qualify for the gift, resulting in higher transaction amounts and increased revenue for the brand.

Foster Customer Loyalty

GWP promotions play a crucial role in fostering customer loyalty. By adding value to the customer’s purchase and creating a positive association with the brand, these promotions encourage customers to make repeat purchases. Customers are more inclined to buy more frequently from a brand that offers gifts with purchases, which leads to increased customer loyalty and enhanced brand affinity.

Boost Brand Recognition

GWP campaigns can effectively increase brand recognition by raising awareness among customers. Through promotions and word-of-mouth, customers become more familiar with the brand and its offerings. This heightened brand awareness contributes to increased customer lifetime value (LTV) as customers are more likely to engage with the brand, explore other products, and become loyal patrons over an extended period.

Drive Customer Acquisition

Gift-with-purchase promotions are highly effective in attracting new customers. The allure of a free gift serves as a powerful incentive for potential customers to make their first purchase. As these new customers experience the value and quality of the brand’s offerings, they are more likely to become loyal customers, contributing to customer acquisition. GWP campaigns can be a valuable tool in expanding the customer base and growing the brand’s market share.

Impact Benefits
Increase in Average Order Value (AOV) – Higher transaction amounts and increased revenue
– Greater customer spending
Foster Customer Loyalty – Encourages repeat purchases
– Builds a positive brand association and customer affinity
Boost Brand Recognition – Increases awareness and familiarity with the brand
– Enhances customer lifetime value (LTV)
Drive Customer Acquisition – Attracts new customers through the appeal of a free gift
– Expands the customer base and market share

Gift-with-purchase ideas for your business

When implementing a gift-with-purchase campaign, it’s essential to carefully select the gifts that will add value to the customer’s purchase. Consider offering practical and meaningful gifts that resonate with your target audience.

Practical Gifts

Practical gifts fulfill relevant needs for shoppers and can be used in their daily lives. These gifts ensure that customers see immediate value and utility, reinforcing positive associations with your brand. For example, a skincare brand could offer a travel-sized toiletry bag as a practical gift, providing customers with a convenient way to carry their skincare essentials wherever they go.

Meaningful Gifts

Meaningful gifts create a sense of exclusivity and make customers feel special and valued. These gifts should be unique and evoke positive emotions. For instance, a clothing brand could offer a limited edition scarf with a distinctive design that cannot be purchased elsewhere. This type of gift will not only delight the customer but also create a sense of loyalty and anticipation for future collections.


Integrating branding elements into the gift is a powerful way to reinforce brand recognition and loyalty. Consider adding your logo, tagline, or even a personalized message to the gift. This branding ensures that every time customers use or see the gift, they are reminded of your brand and the positive experience they had with your gift-with-purchase promotion.

Clear Communication and Timing

When launching a gift-with-purchase campaign, clear communication is key. Provide detailed information about the offer, including the duration of the promotion, any purchase requirements, and any limitations. Timing is also important. Consider aligning your promotion with holidays, seasonal events, or special occasions to maximize its impact and relevance.

Data Tracking and Analytics

Tracking the effectiveness of your gift-with-purchase campaign is essential for making informed business decisions. Utilize data and analytics to measure the campaign’s success, including the impact on sales, customer engagement, and brand perception. This information will help you refine your future gift-with-purchase strategies for even greater success.

By offering practical and meaningful gifts, incorporating branding elements, ensuring clear communication and timing, and tracking the campaign’s effectiveness, you can create a compelling gift-with-purchase promotion that enhances the customer experience and strengthens your brand’s reputation.


Gift-with-purchase promotions are powerful sales strategies that benefit both brands and customers. By adding value to the customer’s purchase, these promotions can increase conversion rates, encourage repeat purchases, upsell products, and build customer loyalty. Successful gift-with-purchase campaigns require clear communication, well-chosen gifts, effective promotion, and tracking of campaign performance. Brands that utilize these strategies can create meaningful and lasting relationships with their customers while driving sales and achieving their business objectives.

Gift-with-purchase promotions offer a win-win situation for brands and customers. Customers feel valued and appreciate the added benefits they receive with their purchase, while brands can enhance their brand value and attract new customers. By offering attractive gifts and effectively communicating the promotion details, brands can create a positive association with their brand and stand out in a competitive market.

Building customer relationships is key to long-term success, and gift-with-purchase promotions provide an excellent opportunity to do so. By delivering value to customers through these promotions, brands can build trust and loyalty, leading to increased customer satisfaction and retention. Additionally, the data and analytics collected from these campaigns allow brands to gain insights into their customers’ preferences and behavior, enabling them to tailor future promotions and marketing efforts for even greater success.


What is a gift with purchase (GWP)?

A gift with purchase (GWP) promotion is a type of sales campaign where brands offer customers a free gift in exchange for making a purchase.

What are the benefits of a GWP promotion?

GWP promotions can increase conversion rates, encourage repeat purchases, and build customer loyalty by adding value to the customer’s purchase.

When would you use a gift with purchase promotion?

GWP promotions are effective for increasing repeat purchases and reducing product return rates.

How can I run a successful gift with purchase promotion?

To run a successful gift with purchase promotion, consider your business objectives, the type of gift offered, promotion details, awareness, timing, and clear communication.

Can you provide examples of GWP promotions?

Yes, cosmetic brands like Clinique, Estée Lauder, and Lancôme are well-known for their use of GWP promotions.

What is the impact of GWP campaigns?

GWP campaigns can increase average order value (AOV), foster customer loyalty, increase brand recognition, and contribute to customer acquisition.

What are some gift-with-purchase ideas for my business?

Consider offering practical and meaningful gifts that add value to the customer’s purchase, while also incorporating branding elements.

How can GWP promotions help in building customer relationships?

GWP promotions can create meaningful and lasting relationships with customers by adding value to their purchase and delivering a positive experience.
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