Meesho Marketing Strategy 2024: A Case Study

Meesho is an e-commerce platform founded in 2015, connecting local sellers with buyers. With operations in 5000 cities, over 1 crore resellers, and serving 7 crore consumers, Meesho has become a leading reseller platform in India. Their marketing strategies are strategically designed to cater to their target audience in tier 2+ cities, engaging men, women, and young adults.

Meesho’s marketing campaigns focus on creating brand awareness, value, and identity. Initiatives like ‘Sahi Sahi customer, toh business Ek number’ emphasize their commitment to benefit sellers and increase sales. The campaign offers attractive incentives such as 0% commission, no-penalty features, and a 7-day payment scheme to encourage sellers. Meesho also introduced the ‘Meesho seller Express’ concept, engaging small businesses through mobile engagement centers and offering visibility and benefits.

Recognizing the potential of empowering homemakers, Meesho launched the campaign ‘not just a homemaker, a Meesho entrepreneur.’ It promotes financial independence by encouraging homemakers to become resellers and start their own small businesses. In line with their commitment to empowering women, Meesho’s campaign ‘#mystorymystory’ resonated with the target audience, focusing on empowering women in tier 2 and tier 3 cities to join as resellers without any investment cost.

Meesho’s marketing approach is versatile and inclusive. The ‘Arrey Waah!’ campaign tapped into the excitement of cricket, targeting a diverse consumer base of men, women, and young adults. Their strategic aim is to democratize e-commerce and attract a wide range of customers. Meesho targets various consumer groups like first-time online shoppers, small business owners, homemakers seeking financial independence, and value-seeking customers in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Their marketing strategies, including campaigns like ‘Loon ya na loon,’ effectively cater to these different target groups.

Key Takeaways:

  • Meesho is an e-commerce platform operating in 5000 cities with over 1 crore resellers and 7 crore consumers.
  • Their targeted marketing campaigns focus on building brand awareness, value, and identity.
  • Initiatives like ‘Sahi Sahi customer, toh business Ek number’ offer attractive incentives to benefit sellers and increase sales.
  • ‘Meesho seller Express’ engages small businesses and grows brand visibility.
  • Empowerment campaigns like ‘not just a homemaker, a Meesho entrepreneur’ and ‘#mystorymystory’ resonate with their target audience.

Meesho’s ‘Sahi Sahi customer, toh business Ek number’ Campaign

Meesho, the largest reseller platform in India, has developed innovative marketing strategies to empower small businesses and drive high-quality conversions. One of their successful campaigns is ‘Sahi Sahi customer, toh business Ek number,’ which aims to change the perception that sellers have regarding online shoppers. By offering enticing benefits and essential information, Meesho encourages sellers to increase their sales and leverage the platform’s reseller program.

The ‘Sahi Sahi customer, toh business Ek number’ campaign is implemented in two phases, each strategically designed to support Meesho’s reseller community. In the first phase, Meesho offers sellers a 0% commission, incentivizing them to join the platform and strengthen their customer base. This initial phase creates a mutually beneficial relationship, enabling resellers to maximize their profits while Meesho expands its reach.

Building on the success of the first phase, the second phase of the campaign introduces a no-penalty feature and a 7-day payment scheme. This initiative further reinforces Meesho’s commitment to resellers, eliminating any fears or doubts they may have about selling online. By addressing common concerns and providing a seamless selling experience, Meesho ensures resellers feel supported and motivated to grow their businesses.

To expand its outreach and engage with small businesses, Meesho implemented the ‘Meesho seller Express,’ a mobile engagement center dedicated to introducing the brand to potential resellers. This initiative aims to educate entrepreneurs about the benefits of joining Meesho, providing them with the necessary tools and resources to kickstart their online business journey.

Benefits of ‘Sahi Sahi customer, toh business Ek number’ Campaign:

  • Increased brand promotions and visibility for resellers
  • Enhanced lead generation opportunities
  • Improved reseller platform with user-friendly features
  • High-quality conversions resulting in profitable businesses

Meesho’s ‘Sahi Sahi customer, toh business Ek number’ campaign is a testament to the platform’s commitment to its reseller community. By providing additional support, incentives, and valuable resources, Meesho empowers small businesses to thrive in the digital marketplace, paving the way for their success and contributing to Meesho’s overall growth.

Traffic Source Percentage
Direct Traffic 52.03%
Organic Search 37.71%
Social Media 3.73%
Emails 1.07%
Referrals 0.18%
Display Advertising 0.09%

Meesho’s Women Empowerment Campaign

Meesho, as a leading e-commerce platform, recognizes the immense potential and talent of women, particularly homemakers, and has designed a targeted marketing strategy to empower them. Through their reseller program, Meesho offers an opportunity for women to start their own small businesses and achieve financial independence.

One of the prominent campaigns that resonated with women was ‘#mystorymystory’, which highlighted the success stories of women entrepreneurs who have joined Meesho. This campaign showcased the benefits of becoming a Meesho reseller, including flexible working hours, the ability to earn from home, and the opportunity to manage their own businesses without any initial investment.

Meesho’s reseller program has proven to be a game-changer for homemakers, allowing them to transform their skills and networks into profitable ventures. By offering a platform where women can showcase their entrepreneurial spirit and contribute to their family’s income, Meesho has played a significant role in their journey towards financial empowerment.

The Impact of Meesho’s Women Empowerment Campaign

The Women Empowerment campaign initiated by Meesho has resulted in a significant increase in the number of women entrepreneurs joining the platform. The campaign’s focus on financial independence and the opportunity to work from home has struck a chord with homemakers seeking to enhance their skills and contribute to their household income.

This campaign has enabled women to break away from traditional norms of homemaking and explore meaningful business opportunities. Meesho’s reseller program has given them the necessary tools, resources, and support to establish their businesses and achieve financial stability.

By promoting the idea of entrepreneurship among women and providing a platform for them to thrive, Meesho has not only transformed the lives of individual women but also contributed to the larger goal of empowering women in society.

The success of the Women Empowerment campaign and the growing number of women joining Meesho as resellers is a testament to the platform’s commitment to creating opportunities and fostering inclusivity in the e-commerce industry.

Financial Independence and Women’s Empowerment

Meesho’s Women Empowerment campaign aligns perfectly with the aspiration for financial independence among women. The platform encourages homemakers to become entrepreneurs and break free from the limitations of traditional roles.

Through Meesho’s reseller program, women can take control of their financial future by leveraging their social networks and entrepreneurship skills. This opportunity allows them to generate income on their terms, contributing to their personal growth and overall well-being.

By becoming a Meesho reseller, women gain more than just financial independence. They also acquire valuable skills in business management, marketing, customer service, and digital commerce, enhancing their overall professional and personal development. This empowerment creates a ripple effect, positively impacting their families and communities.

Meesho’s focus on women’s empowerment sets it apart from other e-commerce platforms, as it recognizes the unique challenges faced by homemakers and provides them with a platform to create success and independence on their own terms.

Overall, Meesho’s Women Empowerment campaign plays a vital role in championing financial independence and enabling women to harness their entrepreneurial potential. By breaking down barriers and offering a supportive platform, Meesho has become a catalyst for change and progress in empowering women in India.

Meesho’s ‘Arrey Waah!’ Marketing Campaign

Meesho, a leading e-commerce platform in India, launched the highly successful ‘Arrey Waah!’ campaign to capitalize on the excitement and engagement surrounding cricket, particularly the Indian Premier League (IPL). This innovative marketing campaign aimed to tap into a versatile consumer base and generate brand awareness and high-quality leads. By implementing extensive marketing strategies across multiple platforms and leveraging vernacular languages, Meesho successfully targeted diverse audiences, including men, women, and young adults.

The ‘Arrey Waah!’ campaign introduced consumers to a wide range of affordable and unique products, creating an ‘Arrey Waah’ moment that resonated with the audience. Meesho’s strategic use of cricket marketing allowed them to connect with passionate cricket fans during the IPL and leverage the tournament’s massive viewership.

This hyper-local targeting strategy, combined with Meesho’s focus on vernacular languages, ensured that the campaign reached consumers in their preferred language and helped establish a personal connection. Meesho aimed to create a localized shopping experience, showcasing the joy of discovering products at unheard-of prices.

The success of the ‘Arrey Waah!’ campaign can be attributed to its extensive reach and engagement across various marketing channels. Meesho leveraged social media platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Pinterest, to drive traffic and engage with its target audience. This comprehensive social media marketing strategy helped Meesho reach a wider consumer base and build brand awareness.

Key Statistics of the ‘Arrey Waah!’ Campaign

Target Audience Reaching Total Views
Men, Women, Young Adults 22,273,815 million people 21,440,156

The ‘Arrey Waah!’ campaign comprised a series of 12 films, each targeting different consumer segments, including men, women, and young adults. This comprehensive approach allowed Meesho to connect with a diverse range of consumers and cater to their specific needs and preferences.

To amplify the campaign’s impact, Meesho partnered with major television networks, including Star Sports Network, Star Plus, Zee Network, Sony Group, Sun TV, Zee Kannada, and Asianet. The campaign also aired on YouTube and various OTT platforms, ensuring maximum reach and engagement.

The ‘Arrey Waah!’ campaign was shot in three zonal languages – Hindi, Bengali, and Tamil. Meesho plans to amplify the campaign in regional languages such as Marathi, Gujarati, Assamese, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, and Punjabi. This localization strategy further enhanced the campaign’s effectiveness and allowed Meesho to connect with consumers across different regions of India.

What sets the ‘Arrey Waah!’ campaign apart is the collaboration between Meesho and a trio of A-list Directors, Rajesh Krishnan, Prashant Issar, and Ryan Mendonca. It marks the first time that such accomplished directors have partnered with a brand and agency for an advertising campaign of this scale, further emphasizing the campaign’s significance and impact.

Meesho’s ‘Arrey Waah!’ campaign not only aimed to generate brand awareness but also to elevate the online shopping experience for consumers during India’s favorite sports entertainment event, the IPL. By showcasing the joy of product discovery and offering unbeatable prices, Meesho aimed to create an ‘Arrey Waah’ moment for consumers, eliciting excitement and generating a larger customer base.

Meesho’s Target Audience Analysis

Throughout its marketing efforts, Meesho has strategically identified and analyzed its target audience, allowing the company to tailor its strategies to effectively engage with this specific consumer group. Meesho primarily focuses on men, women, and young adults from tier 2+ cities in India, recognizing the significant consumer potential in these areas.

One of Meesho’s key target segments is small business owners. By providing a platform for these entrepreneurs to showcase and sell their products, Meesho empowers them to expand their reach and grow their businesses. This strategy not only benefits the sellers, but also attracts customers who support local businesses and prefer personalized products.

Additionally, Meesho has identified homemakers as an ideal consumer group. By joining Meesho’s reseller program, homemakers can generate income and achieve financial independence while managing their household responsibilities. Meesho’s focus on women seeking financial empowerment has been instrumental in creating a strong community of women entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, Meesho recognizes the importance of targeting young adults who are looking to start their own businesses or find affordable deals. The platform offers opportunities for young entrepreneurs to venture into e-commerce without heavy investment or risk, making it an attractive option for this consumer segment.

Meesho’s thorough analysis of its target market has allowed the company to refine its marketing strategies and develop campaigns that resonate specifically with its audience. For instance, their ‘Arrey Waah!’ campaign, launched in March 2022, has succeeded in engaging consumers of both genders and young adults. By tapping into a versatile and new consumer base, Meesho has expanded its reach and solidified its position as the largest reseller platform in India.

In addition to specific target segments, Meesho also targets first-time online shoppers and those seeking affordable deals. By offering a wide range of products at competitive prices, Meesho appeals to the value-seeking consumer who may be hesitant about making online purchases. This inclusivity and focus on affordability have paved the way for Meesho’s growth and success.

Overall, Meesho’s target audience analysis has played a crucial role in shaping its marketing strategies and ensuring effective communication of its brand values. By understanding the needs and preferences of their ideal consumers, Meesho continues to engage with its audience and provide a platform that meets their specific requirements.

Importance of Analyzing Successful Marketing Tactics

Analyzing successful marketing tactics is essential for marketers to stay updated on the latest trends and strategies in the industry. By understanding what works well for successful brands like Meesho, marketers can develop unique and effective ideas to reach their target audience effectively.

One crucial aspect of analyzing successful marketing tactics is keeping an eye on current market trends. The digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving, and staying informed about the latest trends allows marketers to adapt their strategies accordingly. This ensures that they are using the most relevant platforms, tools, and techniques to connect with their audience.

Identifying Meesho’s competitive advantage is another valuable insight that marketers can gain from analyzing successful marketing tactics. Meesho has successfully established its presence in the highly competitive e-commerce sector in India and has captured a significant market share. By studying Meesho’s strategies and understanding their unique selling points, marketers can gain inspiration and leverage their own competitive advantage.

Continuous skill development is also a significant benefit of analyzing successful marketing tactics. By closely examining Meesho’s marketing campaigns and approaches, marketers can broaden their knowledge and acquire valuable skills in areas such as social media marketing, influencer collaborations, and data analytics. This ongoing learning process allows marketers to stay ahead in the rapidly changing digital marketing landscape.

Meesho’s success in targeting specific customer segments is another valuable lesson for marketers. By understanding Meesho’s target audience, which includes small business owners, aspirants, homemakers, and young adults in tier 2 and tier 3 cities, marketers can tailor their marketing efforts to resonate with their own target market. Meesho’s campaigns, such as ‘Sahi Sahi customer, toh business Ek number’ and ‘#mystorymystory’, show the importance of creating targeted and personalized marketing messages for specific segments.

Overall, analyzing successful marketing tactics, such as Meesho’s strategies, is an invaluable practice for marketers. It provides insights into market trends, helps identify competitive advantages, facilitates skill development, and enables targeted marketing efforts. By learning from successful brands like Meesho, marketers can enhance their own digital marketing strategies and achieve better results in their campaigns.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Meesho understands the power of social media as a crucial component of its marketing strategy. By harnessing the reach and engagement potential of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, Meesho effectively connects with its target audience and shapes its brand image.

The company goes beyond generic content and adopts a targeted approach, curating content tailored to different segments of its diverse audience. This strategy ensures that Meesho delivers relevant and engaging content that resonates with its customers and strengthens brand loyalty.

Meesho’s social media marketing initiatives play a vital role in building brand awareness and attracting potential customers across various demographics. With its data-driven approach, the company targets specific audience segments based on gender, age, and location, optimizing content for maximum impact.

One of the key strengths of Meesho’s social media marketing strategy is its focus on audience engagement. By actively interacting with followers, responding to comments and inquiries, and initiating conversations, Meesho establishes a strong connection with its customers. This approach fosters brand trust and loyalty, leading to higher customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Furthermore, Meesho leverages the dominant influence of social media influencers to enhance its brand promotion efforts. Collaborations with popular influencers on platforms like YouTube and Facebook not only expand Meesho’s reach but also lend credibility and authenticity to its brand image. The use of influencers allows Meesho to tap into their follower base, effectively reaching a wider audience and driving sales.

Meesho also recognizes the importance of engaging content in its social media marketing strategy. By leveraging the power of memes, relatable stories, and visually appealing images, Meesho captures the attention of its target audience and encourages them to interact and share the content. This organic engagement strengthens Meesho’s brand positioning in the market and fosters a sense of community among its customers.

Benefit Impact on Brand Image
Expanded reach and visibility Increases brand awareness and attracts new customers
Targeted content Resonates with specific audience segments and strengthens brand affinity
Direct audience engagement Builds brand trust, loyalty, and fosters positive customer relationships
Influencer collaborations Enhances brand credibility and widens customer reach
Engaging and shareable content Creates a sense of community and boosts brand visibility through organic interactions

Meesho’s Funding Journey and Revenue Model

Meesho, a leading e-commerce platform in India, has raised impressive funding through several rounds, including a recent one led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2, contributing to its rapid growth and market expansion. With Sequoia India as one of its notable investors, Meesho has successfully secured a total of $1.1 billion in funding, which has played a crucial role in its journey towards becoming a unicorn company with a valuation of $2.1 billion.

Meesho’s revenue model encompasses diverse streams that have contributed to its financial success. One of the primary revenue generators is through commissions on sales. Meesho charges suppliers a commission ranging between 10-25% of the product price, while resellers pay a commission ranging from 10-20%. This revenue-sharing model allows Meesho to align its growth with the success of its suppliers and resellers.

In addition to commissions, Meesho generates revenue through advertisements. As the platform continues to attract a considerable number of users, brands and businesses seize the opportunity to advertise their products and services to this engaged audience. This avenue presents a win-win scenario, where Meesho benefits both from its users’ engagement and its advertising partners’ promotional efforts.

Logistics services also play a significant role in Meesho’s revenue generation. By providing reliable and efficient delivery services, Meesho ensures that products reach customers in a timely manner, thereby encouraging more transactions and customer satisfaction. Delivery fees contribute to the company’s revenue while reinforcing its commitment to providing a seamless shopping experience.

Another unique aspect of Meesho’s revenue model is the concept of float money. Float money refers to the funds collected from customers for purchases made on the platform, which are held temporarily before being disbursed to the suppliers. This process allows Meesho to earn interest on the float, providing an additional revenue stream.

Overall, Meesho’s well-rounded revenue model, encompassing commissions, advertisements, logistics, and float money, has been instrumental in driving its financial growth and success. As the platform continues its expansion across 1000+ cities and focuses on empowering over 20 million resellers, these revenue streams are poised to contribute significantly to Meesho’s future endeavors.

Meesho’s Funding and Revenue Overview

Funding Revenue Generation
Meesho raised $1.1 billion in funding Commissions on sales
Notable investors: Sequoia India and SoftBank Vision Fund 2 Advertisements
Valuation: $2.1 billion Logistics services
Float money

Meesho’s Impressive Success and Future Growth

Meesho, the leading e-commerce platform in India, has achieved remarkable success and is poised for significant growth in the coming years. In 2022, Meesho joined the coveted Unicorn club, with a valuation of $2.1 billion, a testament to its rapid rise and innovation in the industry. The company’s unique approach of empowering resellers and targeting small businesses has set it apart from competitors and garnered recognition and awards.

With over 11 lakh suppliers and a staggering 30.3 million monthly visits, Meesho has established itself as a formidable player in the e-commerce space. In terms of site visitors, Meesho ranks 103rd in the country and holds the impressive 11th position in its domain. The platform’s website boasts an average engagement duration of 3.59 minutes, demonstrating the high level of interest and involvement of its users.

Meesho’s success can be attributed to its strategic focus on market expansion and diversification. The company aims to extend its influence beyond its current offerings and tap into new sectors, such as grocery, to compete with established online retailers. By catering to the evolving needs of the Indian market, Meesho is positioning itself for sustained growth and profitability.

Key Statistics:

Statistic Value
Annual Revenue Over $200 million
Bounce Rate 51.69%
Main Traffic Sources
  • Direct traffic – 52.03%
  • Organic search – 37.71%
  • Social media – 3.73%
  • Emails – 1.07%
  • Referrals – 0.18%
  • Display – 0.09%
Social Media Traffic Distribution on Meesho
  • YouTube – 52.70%
  • Facebook – 32.13%
  • Instagram – 5.87%
  • WhatsApp – 5.74%
  • Pinterest – 1.13%
  • Others – 2.43%

Meesho’s growth strategy revolves around increasing the number of suppliers on its platform and focusing on monthly orders and monthly transacting users. The platform aims to democratize internet commerce in Tier 2 and beyond cities, bringing the benefits of online shopping to a wider audience. By shifting to a B2C model and targeting new Indian buyers with an average order value of 400-600 rupees, Meesho aims to further expand its user base and increase monthly orders.

As part of its growth strategy, Meesho follows a marketplace approach that encompasses key stages such as Acquisition, Onboarding, Engagement & Retention, and Monetization. By effectively executing each stage, Meesho ensures a seamless experience for its users and resellers, contributing to the platform’s sustained success.

In summary, Meesho’s impressive journey as a Unicorn company reflects its strong market presence and relentless focus on innovation. With its commitment to empowering resellers, diverse supplier base, and strategic growth initiatives, Meesho is well-positioned for a prosperous future in the competitive e-commerce landscape.


Meesho’s marketing strategy has propelled it to become one of the leading e-commerce platforms in India. Through innovative campaigns, targeted audience analysis, and effective utilization of social media platforms, Meesho has successfully engaged customers and acquired a significant user base. The company’s focus on adapting to market trends and addressing customer needs has played a pivotal role in its success.

Marketers can draw inspiration from Meesho’s case study to enhance their own digital marketing strategies. By leveraging digital engagement techniques, understanding customer acquisition channels, and implementing successful promotional campaigns, marketers can achieve success in the competitive online marketplace. Meesho’s journey serves as a testament to the power of a well-executed marketing strategy.

With plans to diversify its business model and venture into new sectors like grocery, Meesho is poised for further growth and expansion. The platform’s empowerment of small businesses and individuals by enabling them to start online stores on social media platforms has resonated with its target audience, which includes homemakers, women seeking financial independence, and consumers from tier 2+ cities.

Meesho’s commitment to offering affordable deals and budget-friendly products caters to money-conscious consumers and further strengthens its position in the market. Through top-performing campaigns like “Sahi Sahi customer toh business Ek number,” “Not just a homemaker, a Meesho entrepreneur,” and “Arrey Waah!,” the company has successfully boosted brand visibility and engagement.


What is Meesho’s ‘Sahi Sahi customer, toh business Ek number’ campaign?

Meesho’s ‘Sahi Sahi customer, toh business Ek number’ campaign aims to change the perception that sellers have regarding online shoppers. It offers benefits and information to increase sales for Meesho sellers. The campaign is implemented in two phases, with the first phase offering 0% commission and the second phase introducing a no-penalty feature and a 7-day payment scheme.

How does Meesho empower women through its marketing campaigns?

Meesho encourages women to start their own small businesses and become financially independent by promoting the idea of becoming a Meesho reseller without any investment cost. The campaign ‘#mystorymystory’ specifically resonated with this target audience, highlighting the benefits of joining Meesho as a reseller and empowering women to take control of their financial future.

What is the objective of Meesho’s ‘Arrey Waah!’ marketing campaign?

Meesho’s ‘Arrey Waah!’ campaign aims to tap into a versatile consumer base by capitalizing on the excitement and engagement around cricket, particularly the Indian Premier League (IPL). The campaign introduces consumers to a wide range of affordable products through extensive marketing across multiple platforms and vernacular languages.

Who is Meesho’s target audience?

Meesho’s primary target audience includes men, women, and young adults from tier 2+ cities in India. Small business owners, homemakers, and young adults looking to start their own business or find affordable deals are also part of Meesho’s ideal consumer group.

Why is it important to analyze successful marketing tactics?

Analyzing successful marketing tactics is crucial for marketers to stay updated on the latest strategies and trends. It helps them develop unique and effective ideas, acquire valuable skills, and seize better opportunities. Meesho’s success in the highly competitive e-commerce market showcases the benefits of constant learning and adapting to the demands of digital marketing.

How does Meesho utilize social media marketing?

Meesho utilizes social media marketing to reach a wider audience and engage with its target group effectively. By curating content for different segments of its audience on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, Meesho shapes its brand image and communicates with its customers. Social media marketing proves beneficial in building brand awareness and attracting potential customers.

How does Meesho generate revenue?

Meesho generates revenue through various methods, including commissions on sales, advertisements, logistics services, penalties for poor quality or late shipments, and float money. These revenue streams contribute to Meesho’s overall business growth and success.

What are Meesho’s future growth prospects?

Meesho aims to diversify its business model and expand into new sectors, such as grocery, to compete with established online retailers. With its focus on empowering resellers and targeting small businesses, Meesho’s future growth prospects look promising.
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