Shiseido Marketing Strategy 2024: A Case Study

Shiseido, a renowned beauty brand, implemented a forward-thinking marketing strategy in 2021 to enhance its brand visibility, impact, and trust. Leveraging cutting-edge tactics and strategic collaborations, Shiseido aimed to strengthen its position in the market and drive business growth.

One of the key elements of Shiseido’s marketing strategy was its focus on video content. Recognizing the power of visual storytelling, Shiseido created compelling video content to captivate its audience and increase brand visibility. This approach resulted in a remarkable 79% increase in the brand’s video views year-over-year, showcasing the effectiveness of video in engaging the target audience.

In addition to video content, Shiseido also hosted experiential moments and events to connect with consumers on a deeper level. The standout among these events was the Malibu Beach House Event in 2021, which earned impressive results. With 154M+ impressions and 348K engagements, the event significantly amplified Shiseido’s brand visibility and contributed to a 54% increase in the overall Brand Vitality (VIT) score.

Key Takeaways:

  • Shiseido’s marketing strategy showcased a strong focus on video content, driving a 79% increase in brand’s video views year-over-year.
  • The Malibu Beach House Event proved to be a significant success, generating 154M+ impressions and 348K engagements, and boosting Shiseido’s VIT score.
  • Data-driven insights and collaboration with reputable influencers played a crucial role in enhancing Shiseido’s VIT score and brand credibility.
  • Shiseido’s marketing strategy encompassed a comprehensive approach to boost visibility, impact, and brand trust.

Shiseido’s marketing success was further amplified by its partnership with Traackr, an influencer marketing platform. Leveraging Traackr’s VIT Score framework, Shiseido was able to measure the impact of its influencer marketing campaigns and streamline the influencer discovery, vetting, campaign management, and reporting processes.

Furthermore, data-driven insights guided Shiseido in the selection of VIP influencers who aligned with the brand’s values and audience demographics. Collaborating with on-brand VIP influencers like Hunter Schafer helped Shiseido enhance its VIT score and strengthen brand credibility among its target market.

With its strategic marketing efforts, Shiseido achieved remarkable results, positioning itself as a leader in the beauty industry. The company’s commitment to enhancing brand visibility, impact, and trust has propelled its growth and established a strong foundation for future success.

Shiseido’s Focus on Video Content in their Marketing Strategy

Video content has become a central pillar in Shiseido’s marketing strategy, revolutionizing how they engage with their target audience. Recognizing the power of visual storytelling, Shiseido set clear objectives for 2021, with a key focus on prioritizing video content, executing experiential moments and events, and leveraging on-brand VIP talent.

By incorporating influencers who had high performing video content in relevant categories, Shiseido ensured the success of their marketing campaigns. The brand strategically partnered with well-known influencers like Adrian Grenier, Kat McPhee, and Rosie Acosta to create tailored experiences that resonated with their audience.

In order to effectively manage their influencer campaigns and measure their success, Shiseido utilized the influencer marketing platform Traackr. This platform allowed them to discover influencers, vet them, manage campaigns, generate reports, and measure their Brand Vitality (VIT) score.

Shiseido’s investment in video content has paid off tremendously, as evidenced by the impressive 79% increase in the brand’s video views year-over-year. This surge in video engagement has allowed Shiseido to reach a broader and younger audience, and the brand aims to continue increasing organic video views and engagement metrics like likes, shares, and comments.

One of the standout successes in Shiseido’s video content strategy was their YouTube series titled “The Japanese Art of Layering.” The first video in the series published on March 18 outperformed the average organic videos on Shiseido’s channel with 2,000 views, a 52% increase in views, and a staggering 578% longer watch time. The second video, published on April 4, also surpassed the channel’s average with 1,400 views, an 88% increase in views, and a 340% longer watch time.

To further amplify their video content and reach new audiences, Shiseido plans to use their YouTube series in their email marketing strategy. The company has received positive feedback and engagement metrics from their audience, indicating a strong interest and demand for educational content.

With their strategic focus on video content, Shiseido’s influencer events have also seen significant success. In July 2021, their third annual Malibu Beach House Event garnered over 154 million impressions and 348,000 engagements, further reinforcing the positive trend in Shiseido’s marketing strategies.

By emphasizing the pillars of visibility, impact, and brand trust in their influencer marketing strategy, Shiseido has not only achieved their annual influencer marketing goals with a 54% increase in their VIT score, but they have also positioned themselves in the 93rd percentile for year-over-year growth. This showcases the effectiveness of their influencer partnerships and their ability to drive engagement and dedicated brand posts from influencers.

The success of Shiseido’s video content strategy and influencer marketing efforts can be attributed to their analytical approach in selecting VIP partners based on brand affinity and audience demographics. This approach, combined with authentic and creative collaborations, has led to rising engagement rates and the promotion of brand authenticity.

Experiential Moments and Events in Shiseido’s Marketing Strategy

Shiseido, known for its innovative marketing strategies, understands the power of creating unique experiential moments and events. By providing immersive and engaging experiences, Shiseido has successfully captured the attention of consumers and strengthened its brand impact. These experiential moments are often led by influencers, adding credibility and visibility to the brand.

One of the notable examples of Shiseido’s experiential marketing is the “Red Ginza Street” pop-up event. This activation showcased the brand’s commitment to innovation and provided visitors with an opportunity to engage with Shiseido products in a captivating way. The event allowed attendees to explore various beauty and wellness concepts, all while immersed in the brand’s captivating atmosphere.

Collaborations and Partnerships

In their pursuit to expand the realm of beauty, Shiseido collaborates with partners such as Kagome and Tsumura. These collaborations aim to create new values and bring together expertise from different fields to enhance the brand’s offerings. By partnering with established companies, Shiseido can tap into new markets and leverage their partner’s influence and customer base.

The Power of Influencer-led Experiences

Shiseido understands the influence of social media and the impact of influencer marketing. By involving influencers in their experiential moments and events, Shiseido creates authentic connections with their target audience. These influencer-led experiences not only generate excitement and buzz but also serve as valuable content for social media platforms.

Key Statistics Year/Month
Like-for-like net sales increase First half of 2023
E-commerce sales ratio First half of 2023
Core operating profit for Shiseido Yearly comparison
Net sales and core operating profit exceed initial forecast First half of 2023
Drunk Elephant’s e-commerce sales ratio Yearly comparison

Shiseido’s commitment to experiential moments and influencer-led experiences demonstrates its dedication to engaging with consumers in a meaningful way. By creating immersive brand experiences and collaborating with influencers, Shiseido continues to position itself as a leader in the beauty industry and drive sustainable growth.

Leveraging On-brand VIP Talent in Shiseido’s Marketing Strategy

Shiseido, a renowned beauty brand, has implemented a successful marketing strategy by strategically leveraging on-brand VIP talent and brand ambassadors. One of the rising stars employed in this endeavor is Hunter Schafer, an influential figure known for her talent and unique style.

When selecting VIP partners for their marketing initiatives, Shiseido takes a data-driven approach, considering factors such as audience demographics, brand alignment, and key themes. This careful selection process ensures that the chosen talent resonates with the target audience, increasing brand affinity and credibility.

In addition to Hunter Schafer, Shiseido collaborates with other VIP talents who represent their core values and appeal to their diverse customer base. By partnering with these influential individuals, Shiseido establishes a genuine connection with its audience, fostering trust and loyalty.

The use of VIP talent as brand ambassadors allows Shiseido to create authentic and relatable content that resonates with consumers. This approach has proven to be highly effective in reaching and engaging the target market, driving brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Moreover, Shiseido recognizes the importance of diversity and inclusivity in its marketing strategy. By collaborating with VIP talents from various backgrounds, cultures, and industries, Shiseido ensures that its brand message reaches a broader audience.

The success of Shiseido’s marketing strategy can be seen in the positive impact it has had on the brand. By leveraging on-brand VIP talent and brand ambassadors, Shiseido has solidified its position as a leader in the beauty industry, attracting a loyal customer base and increasing its market share.

Overall, Shiseido’s strategic use of VIP talent in its marketing strategy serves as a powerful tool in strengthening brand identity, increasing brand awareness, and fostering a deep connection with its target audience.

Statistics Data
New best-in-class consumer-facing service experiences created on the Shiseido Professional digital platform 4
New micro-services developed for the brand 7
Languages supported across key countries of operations More than 6
Content creation and publication times reduced from Months to minutes
Digital platform implementation duration 9 months
Lean approach impact on upfront investments, operational costs, and maintenance costs Reduced
Platform architecture characteristics Avoided proprietary technology
Brand admins’ control facilitated by the platform Yes
Team composition Core tech team, experience designer, brand strategist, designers, digital producer, and executive tech oversight
Expected growth of Japanese AI market by 2030 12.5 trillion yen
Percentage of Japan’s AI and AR users in the 20-29 age group 40%
Expected new jobs created by the Japanese AI industry by 2030 1.7 million
Projected market share of AR/VR in the retail and e-commerce sectors by 2024 25%
Duration of creating the immersive installation “Beyond Time” 14 months
Number of people experiencing the installation in the first few months after launch More than 4,000
Team members working on the “Beyond Time” project Click here
Type of breakthrough technologies created for the project Three-dimensional data capturing and processing, face feature mapping, real-time shader manipulation, real-time average face model matching, face texture lighting mapping, texture mapping composition, and dynamic wrinkling
Amount of facial data gathered for the “Beyond Time” project More than 600 participants
Daily queue waiting times to experience the installation Up to 4 hours

Shiseido’s VIT Score and Goals in Influencer Marketing

As an industry leader, Shiseido understands the power of influencer marketing in driving brand awareness and driving consumer engagement. By leveraging data-driven insights and setting clear influencer marketing goals, Shiseido has successfully enhanced its VIT score and achieved significant growth.

Shiseido’s VIT score is a metric that measures the brand’s visibility, impact, and brand trust in influencer marketing. In 2021, Shiseido saw an impressive 54% growth in its VIT score, placing the brand in the 93rd percentile for year-over-year growth.

One of the key factors behind Shiseido’s success in influencer marketing is their strategic approach to goal-setting. The Shiseido team actively sets goals in three key areas: visibility, impact, and brand trust. By tracking their performance against these metrics, they ensure that their influencer marketing efforts align with their overall marketing strategy.

Shiseido also recognizes the importance of collaborating with trusted influencers to drive consumer purchasing behavior. With 70% of consumers more likely to purchase from a brand that collaborates with trusted influencers, Shiseido focuses on building relationships with influencers who resonate with their target audience.

To enhance their VIT score and generate buzz around their brand, Shiseido executed a successful influencer event at the Malibu Beach House, engaging 165 influencers and press. By leveraging on-brand VIP talent, such as Hunter Schafer, Shiseido was able to further enhance its VIT score, leading to continued growth and engagement.

Video content plays a crucial role in Shiseido’s influencer marketing strategy. By prioritizing video content, Shiseido has achieved improved visibility and impact for the brand. Consumers are drawn to video content, making it an effective medium for driving engagement and increasing brand awareness.

Shiseido’s partnership with Traackr has been instrumental in refining their influencer selection process and improving their influencer marketing strategies. With Traackr’s platform and services, Shiseido gains valuable data-driven insights that enable them to make informed decisions and implement effective campaigns.

Campaigns focusing on specific objectives, such as video content and experiential moments, have played a significant role in driving improvements in Shiseido’s VIT score. By aligning their influencer marketing efforts with their goals and leveraging data-driven insights, Shiseido continues to strengthen its brand presence and achieve impressive results in the competitive beauty industry.

Prioritizing Video Content in Shiseido Men’s Marketing Strategy

Shiseido Men understands the power of video content in today’s digital landscape. As part of its comprehensive marketing strategy, the brand has made video content a top priority, recognizing its ability to capture attention, engage viewers, and convey its key brand messages effectively. By integrating compelling video content into its marketing initiatives, Shiseido Men aims to establish a strong presence in the male skincare industry and connect with its target audience on a deeper level.

With the rise of digital platforms and social media, video content has become a driving force in engaging consumers and shaping brand perceptions. Shiseido Men’s marketing team recognizes this trend and has embraced the opportunity to leverage video content to showcase its products, engage customers, and communicate the brand’s unique value proposition.

Through carefully crafted video campaigns, Shiseido Men is able to demonstrate the effectiveness and benefits of its skincare products, addressing the specific concerns and needs of its male target audience. By visually showcasing the results and transformations achieved through its products, Shiseido Men can effectively build trust, credibility, and brand affinity.

Furthermore, by utilizing video content, Shiseido Men is able to create immersive and memorable experiences for its customers. Video allows the brand to tell captivating stories, share valuable skincare tips and routines, and offer educational content that not only promotes its products but also positions Shiseido Men as a trusted authority in the male skincare industry.

Engaging and Educational Video Campaigns

One example of Shiseido Men’s commitment to video content is its series of engaging and educational video campaigns. These campaigns feature male skincare experts, dermatologists, and influencers who share their knowledge, insights, and personal experiences with Shiseido Men’s products. By collaborating with industry experts, Shiseido Men demonstrates its dedication to providing skincare solutions that are backed by science and expertise.

Through these videos, Shiseido Men educates its target audience on the importance of skincare and the specific challenges that men face when it comes to their skin. By addressing these concerns head-on and offering practical solutions, Shiseido Men positions itself as a brand that understands and caters to the unique needs of its male customers.

Additionally, Shiseido Men incorporates storytelling elements into its video campaigns, showcasing the experiences and journeys of its customers. This approach allows potential customers to relate to real-life stories and connect with the brand on an emotional level, further solidifying their trust and loyalty.

Driving Engagement and Brand Awareness

Shiseido Men’s focus on video content also extends to social media platforms, where it leverages the power of visually captivating and innovative videos to drive engagement and increase brand awareness. By sharing these videos on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, Shiseido Men can reach a wide audience of skincare enthusiasts and potential customers.

The brand’s strategic use of social media advertising and influencer collaborations further amplifies the reach and impact of its video content. By partnering with influential personalities in the skincare and grooming space, Shiseido Men is able to tap into their established audiences and gain exposure to new potential customers.

Through its dedication to creating high-quality, informative, and visually appealing video content, Shiseido Men is positioning itself as a leader in the male skincare industry. By prioritizing video content in its marketing strategy, Shiseido Men effectively engages its target audience, drives brand awareness, and solidifies its position as an authority in male skincare.

Experiential Moments and Events in Shiseido Men’s Marketing Strategy

Shiseido Men’s marketing strategy not only focuses on product innovation and brand messaging but also incorporates experiential moments and events to create memorable and impactful interactions with their target audience. By leveraging these experiential opportunities, Shiseido Men aims to engage young men and establish a strong presence in the male grooming industry.

One of the key initiatives in Shiseido Men’s marketing strategy is their involvement in various events and activations that allow them to connect with their consumers in a meaningful way. These events provide an immersive brand experience where men can discover and explore Shiseido Men’s products firsthand.

Through carefully curated experiential moments, Shiseido Men creates a unique environment for men to engage with their brand, learn about the benefits of their products, and gain insights into the latest trends in the male grooming industry. These events go beyond traditional marketing methods and create an interactive platform for Shiseido Men to build brand loyalty and credibility.

Experiential Events

Shiseido Men organizes a series of experiential events that cater to the interests and preferences of their target audience. These events revolve around various themes, such as fitness, fashion, and personal care, allowing Shiseido Men to align their brand with the lifestyle choices and aspirations of young men.

For example, Shiseido Men collaborates with fitness influencers and trainers to organize fitness workshops and challenges that highlight the importance of skincare and grooming in an active lifestyle. These events not only showcase Shiseido Men’s products but also provide valuable advice and tips on how men can incorporate self-care into their daily routines.

In addition, Shiseido Men partners with fashion influencers and stylists to host style consultations and makeover sessions. These events give men the opportunity to receive personalized grooming advice, discover new trends, and experience the transformative power of Shiseido Men’s products.

Creating Lasting Impressions

Shiseido Men understands the significance of creating memorable moments that go beyond the event itself. To ensure a lasting impression, they often incorporate interactive elements and social media integration into their experiential events.

At these events, attendees can participate in engaging activities, try out new products, and document their experiences through user-generated content. Shiseido Men encourages attendees to share their event experiences on social media platforms using event-specific hashtags, creating a buzz and expanding the reach of the brand’s message.

By combining experiential moments with digital amplification, Shiseido Men extends the impact of their marketing efforts and increases brand visibility in the male grooming industry.

Benefits of Experiential Moments and Events in Shiseido Men’s Marketing Strategy:
– Creates immersive brand experiences
– Builds strong connections and engagement with the target audience
– Showcases product benefits and latest industry trends
– Aligns brand with lifestyle choices of young men
– Provides personalized grooming advice and style consultations
– Encourages user-generated content and social media sharing

These experiential moments and events play a crucial role in Shiseido Men’s marketing strategy, enabling the brand to connect authentically with their target audience, establish a strong presence in the male grooming industry, and drive brand growth.

Leveraging On-brand VIP Talent in Shiseido Men’s Marketing Strategy

Shiseido Men understands the power of influential figures in their marketing strategy. By strategically partnering with on-brand VIP talent and forging strong brand partnerships, Shiseido Men aims to elevate their presence in the market and connect with their target audience on a deeper level.

Collaborating with VIP influencers who align with their brand values allows Shiseido Men to reach a wider audience and generate greater brand awareness. These VIP talents possess a loyal following who trust their recommendations and opinions, making them valuable allies in promoting Shiseido Men’s products and values.

One such successful brand partnership was the collaboration between Shiseido Men and Fila. Fila, a renowned sportswear brand, enlisted the services of DeVries Global as their North America communications agency. This collaboration not only expanded Fila’s market reach but also provided an opportunity for Shiseido Men to showcase their products to a broader audience through cross-promotion.

In addition to increasing brand visibility, leveraging on-brand VIP talent enables Shiseido Men to tap into the influencer’s unique creative abilities. These collaborations often lead to the creation of engaging and authentic content that resonates with their target audience, ultimately driving brand affinity and loyalty.

Shiseido Men’s marketing strategy prioritizes the selection of VIP talents who share their values and represent their target audience. This strategic alignment ensures that the influencer’s promotion of Shiseido Men’s products feels natural and authentic, enhancing the overall perception of the brand.

By leveraging on-brand VIP talent and establishing impactful brand partnerships, Shiseido Men maximizes their marketing efforts and stays at the forefront of their target audience’s minds. This approach not only fosters meaningful connections but also propels Shiseido Men’s brand growth in the highly competitive beauty and grooming industry.


Shiseido’s marketing strategy has proven to be a driving force behind the brand’s growth and success in the beauty industry. By strategically focusing on digital tactics, video content, experiential events, and collaborations with VIP talent, Shiseido has been able to solidify its position and achieve impressive results.

Through innovative approaches, Shiseido has tapped into the premium skincare and serum market, taking advantage of the double-digit growth in the US and Asia, particularly in China where growth reached an impressive 30%. The company’s commitment to expanding their SKU offerings, as seen in the success of the Future Solution LX range, has further contributed to their brand growth and market share.

Collaborations with influential figures and partnerships with renowned fashion houses like Elie Saab and Jean Paul Gaultier have enabled Shiseido to reach diverse markets and expand its global presence. Additionally, the acquisition of Bare Escentuals enhanced Shiseido’s sales and revenue, boosting its market share within just 18 months.

Looking ahead, Shiseido is determined to achieve sustained double-digit sales growth in China through e-commerce initiatives and strengthening its business foundations. The company’s drive for transformation into a Global Multiple Brands Company, with individual brands generating substantial sales, further showcases their ambition and commitment to success.


What was the key marketing strategy implemented by Shiseido in 2020?

Shiseido implemented a forward-thinking marketing strategy, prioritizing video content, digital marketing tactics, and experiential events.

How did Shiseido leverage video content in their marketing strategy?

Shiseido prioritized video content, utilizing platforms like TikTok to engage their target audience with authentic reviews and creative content.

What role did experiential moments and events play in Shiseido’s marketing strategy?

Shiseido executed experiential moments and events to provide unique influencer-led experiences that captured attention and enhanced brand impact.

How did Shiseido leverage on-brand VIP talent in their marketing strategy?

Shiseido partnered with VIP talent such as Hunter Schafer to serve as brand ambassadors and increase brand affinity.

What is Shiseido’s VIT Score and how did they use it in their influencer marketing strategy?

Shiseido implemented Traackr’s VIT Score, measuring visibility, impact, and brand trust, to strengthen their influencer marketing program.

How did Shiseido prioritize video content in their marketing strategy for Shiseido Men?

Shiseido Men focused on creating video content to resonate with their target audience and establish themselves as leaders in the male skincare industry.

What role did experiential moments and events play in Shiseido Men’s marketing strategy?

Shiseido Men executed experiential moments and events to engage their audience and showcase their products in a unique and impactful way.

How did Shiseido Men leverage on-brand VIP talent in their marketing strategy?

Shiseido Men partnered with relevant VIP influencers to enhance brand visibility and increase their VIT score.

What were the key elements of Shiseido’s overall marketing strategy?

Shiseido’s marketing strategy focused on digital tactics, video content, experiential events, and partnerships with VIP talent.
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