5 Stretchy Dress Pants to Boost Business Casual

Looking good and feeling good are top priorities for a productive day in the office. That’s why a go-to pair of stretchy dress pants that look sharp while allowing for maximum comfort is of chief importance!

After months or years of working from home and wearing sweats and sneakers, it can be a hard transition back to regular work clothes. However, these stretchy dress pants feel like pajamas. Let’s shop.

1. The Perfect Pant byhttps://www.www.latterly.org/business-casual-sneakers-for-women/ Spanx

The Spanx collection of stretchy dress pants is my go-to for business casual. These look so good and allow for weight fluctuations (or a big lunch). In addition to being machine washable, they have 4-way stretch and don’t have a zipper or buttons.

While on the expensive side for stretchy dress pants, I can’t over-emphasize the number of times you can wear these things, including to non-work events.

My favorite cuts are ankle back-seam skinny and kick flare. Check them all out here.

2. Shiloh Pant by M.M. Lafleur

M.M. Lafleur is my favorite brand for workwear. So many items are light weight, well designed, travel well and can be worn hundreds of times before they need to be replaced.

The Shiloh Pant is stretchy, washable, and doesn’t wrinkle. This pant will make dressing for work a breeze!

3. Cropped Paper Bag Waist Pants by Grace Karin (budget option!)

I have these cropped paper bag waist pants in black and wear them constantly. While these pants are not made of stretchy material, the waist is stretchy, which makes them super comfortable. These are probably the most versatile pants I own – I can dress them up, dress them down, wear them at work or out at night.

These are machine washable, never wrinkle, available in many colors, and the price is just right. Everyone should have at least one pair of these pants.

4. Sculpt-Her Pull-On Wide Leg Pants by NYDJ

These pull-on stretchy dress pants have a clean and tailored look. These pants are made with figure shaping technology that will hold you in and look so professional.

They can be dry cleaned or machine washed and are great for travel.

5. Masie Pant by J. McLaughlin

This slimming pant is pull-on and stretchy. It comes in several colors and prints, so you can show some personality!

Don’t just trust me on these – there are hundreds of 5-star reviews as well.

Get comfortable and classy in stretchy dress pants

Adding a new pair of stretchy dress pants to your business casual wardrobe is the best way to stay comfortable at the office. Luckily there are several great options that will keep you looking sharp.

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