Umbro Marketing Strategy 2024: A Case Study

Umbro, in partnership with parent brand Nike, has established itself as the world’s leading football brand. Over the years, Umbro has continuously evolved its marketing strategy to stay competitive in the dynamic sports industry.

One of the key aspects of Umbro’s marketing approach is its focus on leveraging digital platforms. Notably, the brand launched a digital campaign on to support England’s bid for the 2018 World Cup. The campaign attracted endorsements from notable personalities like Noel Gallagher, Robbie Williams, and Michael Owen, generating significant attention and amplifying the brand’s visibility.

To connect with the youth market, Umbro launched the Umbro GT football boot. Designed to appeal to players who live fast, this innovative product showcases the brand’s concerted effort to reach the younger demographic. The accompanying Stealth launch and GT campaign have successfully reshaped perceptions of the Umbro brand among younger footballers, particularly teenagers who have traditionally favored Nike and Adidas.

As part of their marketing strategy, Umbro invested in a website redesign that resulted in remarkable improvements in user engagement metrics. The redesigned website led to increased time spent on the site and referral traffic to local commerce websites, further enhancing Umbro’s online presence and strengthening its position in the market.

The relaunch of the iconic Speciali football boot, accompanied by a captivating 10-minute film starring Pepe, has been a crucial milestone for Umbro. This strategic move, distributed across multiple platforms, maximized the visibility of the Speciali boot and reinforced the brand’s commitment to simplicity and innovation.

Umbro understands the significance of collaborating with athletes to create meaningful connections with consumers. The brand actively engages athletes like Pepe for sponsorship activation campaigns, aligning their values with Umbro’s mission to elevate the brand and connect with football enthusiasts worldwide.

In recent years, Umbro has successfully signed contracts with renowned teams such as Everton, Hull City, Derby, and Eindhoven. These partnerships highlight the brand’s position within the football industry and signify its successful brand rebuilding efforts.

The “Speciali Moments” campaign, initiated by Umbro, has fostered a sense of belonging among fans. This campaign encourages football enthusiasts to share their special moments related to the Speciali football boot, building a loyal fan base and solidifying Umbro’s presence in the hearts of consumers.

In conclusion, Umbro’s marketing strategy centers around digital innovation, collaboration with athletes, and strategic branding efforts. By focusing solely on football and leveraging its rich heritage in the sport, Umbro has carved a distinct niche for itself in the highly competitive sports industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Umbro’s marketing strategy revolves around digital platforms, athlete endorsements, and authentic storytelling.
  • The brand’s website redesign led to significant improvements in user engagement metrics.
  • The relaunch of the Speciali boot, accompanied by a 10-minute film, showcased Umbro’s commitment to simplicity and innovation.
  • Umbro collaborates with athletes like Pepe to create meaningful connections with consumers and elevate the brand.
  • Partnerships with renowned football teams have strengthened Umbro’s position within the industry.

Website Redesign and User Experience

As part of its ongoing efforts to enhance user experience and optimize the visibility of its editorial content, underwent a comprehensive redesign process. This redesign has led to improved engagement metrics, including increased time spent on the site and increased referral traffic to local commerce websites.

Recognizing the importance of catering to the predominantly mobile audience, Umbro embraced a mobile-first design approach in its website redesign. By prioritizing mobile optimization, Umbro ensures that users have a seamless experience regardless of the device they are using.

The new website features an improved user interface that focuses on storytelling in brand promotion. By leveraging compelling narratives and visually engaging content, Umbro aims to forge authentic connections with its audience and create memorable brand experiences.

One notable example of Umbro’s storytelling approach is the relaunch of the Speciali football boot. This key product was promoted through a 10-minute film featuring Real Madrid and Portugal star Pepe. The film was distributed across multiple platforms, captivating audiences and generating excitement around the brand.

To amplify the impact of the Speciali boot relaunch, Umbro executed an integrated marketing campaign. This campaign encompassed print, out-of-home, and digital channels, ensuring maximum reach and resonance with the target audience. Redesign Impact Metrics

Engagement Metrics Pre-Redesign Post-Redesign
Time Spent on Site XX minutes YY minutes
Referral Traffic to Local Commerce Websites XX% YY%
Bounce Rates XX% YY%

The website redesign has also allowed Umbro to strengthen its brand image through strategic partnerships and sponsorship activation campaigns. By collaborating with players such as Pepe, Umbro establishes authentic connections with consumers and elevates its brand presence in the football market.

Furthermore, Umbro’s website redesign aligns with its broader focus on building a global fan community. Through social media strategies and user-generated content campaigns, Umbro has successfully cultivated a passionate community of football enthusiasts who actively engage with the brand and contribute to its growth.

With the majority of Umbro’s website sessions coming from mobile devices, the mobile-first design approach has proven to be crucial. By prioritizing mobile optimization, Umbro ensures that its website delivers an exceptional user experience, regardless of the device used.

In order to effectively manage and ensure the quality of locally submitted content, Umbro implemented the Umbraco CMS (Content Management System). This allowed for the deployment of content workflows, facilitating efficient content management and quality assurance processes.

In collaboration with Absurd, a team of experts in website design and development, Umbro conducted extensive functional and browser testing to ensure the website’s seamless functionality. Various language variants were configured to ensure correct rendering for different local offices, further enhancing the user experience.

Overall, the website redesign has proven to be a resounding success for Umbro, driving improved engagement metrics and showcasing the brand’s commitment to delivering a seamless and engaging user experience.

Brand Repositioning and Authenticity

Umbro, a renowned brand in the world of football, has recently undergone a transformative repositioning strategy that emphasizes authenticity and its historic connection to the sport. Recognizing the importance of staying dedicated to football and providing top-quality products, Umbro has successfully revitalized its brand image.

The brand’s journey of repositioning began after it was sold by Nike to the New York-based Iconix Brand Group in 2012, resulting in the loss of key assets, including players and teams. However, Umbro seized this opportunity to refocus its efforts solely on football, leveraging its rich heritage and commitment to the beautiful game.

In order to demonstrate its authenticity, Umbro relaunched its iconic football boot, the Speciali, which was initially introduced in 1992. The relaunch showcases Umbro’s commitment to simplicity and standing out in the modern game. This strategic move not only rekindles the brand’s history but also highlights Umbro’s dedication to delivering high-quality products that meet the demands of professional athletes and passionate fans.

Umbro’s repositioning efforts gained further momentum when renowned football player Pepe approached the brand, expressing his desire to return after his association with Nike. Through a promotional film featuring Pepe, Umbro effectively communicates its renewed focus on football and its unwavering commitment to the sport. The film has been distributed across 110 markets through various channels, including print, out of home, and digital platforms, ensuring maximum visibility and impact.

Brand Repositioning Highlights:
– Emphasis on authenticity and dedication to football
– Relaunch of the iconic Speciali football boot
– Collaboration with renowned football player Pepe
– Extensive distribution of promotional film across 110 markets

Umbro’s commitment to football is not without its challenges. The highly competitive nature of the football industry has made it difficult to secure player endorsements. However, Umbro has overcome this obstacle by signing significant deals with clubs like Everton, Hull City, Derby, and Eindhoven, ensuring its presence and visibility in high-profile tournaments such as the Champions League.

By specializing and staying dedicated to football, Umbro aims to differentiate itself from competitors in the market. The brand’s repositioning strategy, focused on authenticity, product quality, and its historic connection to the sport, is key to reclaiming its position as a leader in the world of football.

Relaunching the Speciali Football Boot

Umbro, the renowned sports brand, embarked on an exciting journey of product repositioning to rejuvenate its iconic Speciali football boot. Combining a classic design with modern performance, the revamped Speciali boot promises to captivate football enthusiasts of all ages.

In a strategic collaboration with legendary footballer Pepe, Umbro created a buzzworthy relaunch campaign for the Speciali boot. A 10-minute film was produced to showcase the boot’s exceptional features, highlighting its blend of tradition and innovation.

The comprehensive marketing campaign, integrated across multiple platforms, successfully generated excitement and anticipation among football lovers worldwide. Through captivating visuals and compelling storytelling, Umbro positioned the Speciali boot as a must-have for players looking to enhance their performance on the field.

The Speciali boot’s relaunch campaign proved to be a massive success in the market. Diligent efforts and effective execution led to the product selling out, solidifying its position as a fan favorite.

Umbro’s dedication to reviving the Speciali football boot showcases its commitment to continuously improving products while honoring the brand’s rich heritage. By embracing collaborations with football icons like Pepe, Umbro rejuvenates classic designs to meet the demands of modern players.

Sponsorship and Player Activation

Umbro understands the power of athlete endorsement and leverages it effectively through strategic sponsorship and player activation campaigns. By collaborating with athletes who align with their brand values, Umbro creates unique connections with their target audience, fostering authenticity and a strong emotional bond.

Athlete endorsement plays a crucial role in enhancing brand visibility and credibility. When consumers see their favorite athletes endorsing a brand, it creates an immediate connection and trust. Umbro capitalizes on this by partnering with renowned athletes who embody the spirit of the game and resonate with their target demographic.

One of the key strategies employed by Umbro is the use of authentic storytelling. They showcase the passion and dedication of athletes in their campaigns, highlighting their personal journeys and the challenges they have overcome. This storytelling approach not only humanizes the athletes but also reflects the values that Umbro stands for, creating a deep connection with consumers.

Through sponsorship activation campaigns, Umbro maximizes their brand exposure during major sporting events like the World Cup. These campaigns involve various marketing initiatives such as advertisements, social media activations, and on-ground promotions. By associating their brand with the excitement and passion of these events, Umbro effectively taps into the emotions of consumers and reinforces their connection with the brand.

Umbro’s sponsorship and player activation efforts have proven to be highly successful in driving brand engagement and loyalty. By integrating athletes and their stories into their marketing campaigns, Umbro creates a powerful narrative that resonates with consumers on a deep level. This approach not only boosts brand awareness but also strengthens Umbro’s position as a trusted and influential player in the footwear industry.

In summary, Umbro’s strategic focus on sponsorship and player activation campaigns, along with authentic storytelling, allows them to forge a strong connection with consumers. By leveraging athlete endorsement and maximizing brand exposure during major sporting events, Umbro effectively captures the hearts and minds of their target audience, driving long-term brand loyalty.

Overcoming Challenges and Rebuilding the Brand

Umbro faced significant brand challenges after being sold by Nike, but the company quickly implemented a strategic turnaround strategy to regain its position in the highly competitive sports industry. One of the key factors in Umbro’s success was the signing of major teams, such as Everton, Hull City, and Derby, which solidified the brand’s presence and credibility within the football community. These major team signings not only brought exposure and visibility to the brand but also helped to rebuild trust among football enthusiasts.

Umbro’s strategic approach focused on creating football-centric experiences and establishing partnerships that aligned with the brand’s values and authenticity. By prioritizing the sport and forging meaningful collaborations, Umbro was able to reconnect with its core audience and revive its reputation as a trusted and respected football brand.

The brand also recognized the importance of technology in rebuilding its image and attracting a new generation of fans. Through a strategic investment in tech development services, Umbro was able to enhance its online presence and provide fans with an engaging digital experience. FasterCapital, a trusted partner for tech development solutions, offered to cover 50% of the costs for these services per equity, ensuring that Umbro had the necessary resources to implement cutting-edge digital solutions.

Recognizing the significance of a strong sales team, Umbro entered into a partnership that covered 50% of the costs for a full online sales team. This initiative allowed the brand to expand its reach and maximize sales opportunities in the ever-growing digital marketplace.

With an available budget for tech development and sales improvements, Umbro embraced content marketing and social media activities to cover 50% of the costs. By leveraging these channels, Umbro successfully engaged with fans and generated buzz around its brand, products, and partnerships.

To facilitate the submission process for technical development and business opportunities, Umbro requested specific information from interested parties, including Full Name, Company Name, Business Email, Country, and WhatsApp. It is important to note that submissions made with personal email addresses may take longer to be answered compared to those made with business email addresses, generally within 1-2 business days.

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Building a Global Fan Community

Building a strong and engaged fan community is crucial for any global brand, and Umbro recognizes the importance of fostering connections with its supporters. Social media engagement plays a significant role in this strategy, allowing Umbro to connect with fans on a global scale.

One of the ways Umbro engages its fan community is through user-generated content campaigns. By involving fans in the brand’s storytelling, Umbro creates a sense of involvement and ownership. An excellent example of this is the “Speciali Moments” campaign, where fans were encouraged to share their special moments and memories associated with Umbro’s iconic Speciali football boot. This not only highlights the deep emotional connection fans have with the brand but also showcases the global reach of Umbro’s fan base.

Through these user-generated content campaigns, Umbro not only strengthens its relationship with fans but also taps into their creativity and passion. By showcasing fans’ stories and experiences, Umbro demonstrates its commitment to its global brand community and highlights the diverse and widespread support it enjoys.

Furthermore, Umbro’s extensive partnerships with over 120 teams worldwide, including top football leagues such as the English Premier League and La Liga, contribute to the growth of its global fan community. These partnerships not only provide exposure for the Umbro brand but also attract fans from various countries and cultures who share a common love for football.

Umbro’s dedication to building a global fan community extends beyond sports partnerships. The brand actively leverages social media platforms to connect with fans, share exclusive content, and create meaningful interactions. By leveraging the power of social media, Umbro can engage with fans around the world and create a sense of belonging within its brand community.

Benefits of Building a Global Fan Community:

  • Increased brand loyalty and advocacy
  • Higher social media engagement and reach
  • Opportunities for valuable user-generated content
  • Enhanced brand reputation and credibility
  • Access to valuable market insights and feedback

By building a strong global fan community through social media engagement, user-generated content campaigns, and strategic partnerships, Umbro establishes itself as a brand that not only manufactures high-quality sportswear but also fosters a sense of belonging and connection among its fans worldwide.

Key Facts: Umbro
Year of Establishment 1924
Global market penetration More than 120 teams worldwide, including top football leagues
Partnerships Over 120 clubs and 200 players worldwide
Expansion into the fashion industry 2017
Concept stores London, New York, Tokyo

Design and Build of Global Website

As part of Umbro’s ongoing efforts to enhance its digital presence and provide a seamless user experience, the company embarked on a major redesign of its global website, The goal was to improve content consistency and elevate the overall user experience for visitors from over 150 countries.

The redesign process was led by Umbro’s global office, which worked closely with local agencies in Manchester and collaborated with agencies globally. Attention to detail was paramount throughout the project, ensuring that the website reflected Umbro’s commitment to authenticity and its rich heritage in English football.

The design team conducted a thorough content audit to identify areas for improvement and determine content consistency across different regions. This audit provided valuable insights that helped shape the overall user experience strategy.

Umbro adopted a mobile-first design approach, recognizing the increasing prevalence of mobile devices as the primary means of accessing the internet. The new website was designed to be fully responsive and optimized for a wide range of screen sizes, ensuring a seamless browsing experience for users on smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

Functional and browser testing played a critical role in the design and development process. Extensive testing was conducted to ensure that the website performed flawlessly across various browsers and devices, guaranteeing a consistent user experience regardless of the platform used.

The result of the redesign is a visually captivating and user-friendly website that reflects Umbro’s brand identity and values. With enhanced navigation, intuitive interfaces, and visually appealing layouts, the new offers an improved user experience and increased engagement metrics.

Through this redesign, Umbro has successfully leveraged its increased marketing investment and intensified focus on social media. By engaging with consumers at the intersection of football and culture, Umbro has solidified its position in the global sports sector while broadening its offering beyond performance to include sportswear, leveraging Nike’s support, advice, and resources for global brand expansion.


Throughout this article, we have examined Umbro’s marketing strategy overview, successful brand repositioning, collaborations with athletes, and global fan engagement. By focusing on digital engagement and authentic storytelling, Umbro has successfully strengthened its brand image and increased customer loyalty.

Through strategic collaborations with athletes, Umbro has established itself as a trusted and respected brand in the world of football. The repositioning efforts have allowed for a successful brand rebuilding and growth, ensuring that Umbro remains a prominent player in the sportswear industry.

The Court of Appeal’s decision regarding the Umbro and Dream Pairs logos highlights the importance of visual aspects in branding. Brand owners must not only focus on word elements but also consider the potential for post-sale confusion. Logo clearance searches should be conducted to avoid uncomfortably close designs and potential infringement issues.

With a rich history dating back to 1973, Umbro continues to innovate and inspire, catering to the needs of football enthusiasts worldwide. As the brand moves forward, its dedication to authenticity, football expertise, and global fan engagement will undoubtedly drive its continued success in the future.


What is Umbro’s marketing strategy?

Umbro’s marketing strategy focuses on leveraging digital platforms and improving user experience. The brand emphasizes authenticity and a sport focus in its brand repositioning efforts.

How has Umbro repositioned its brand?

Umbro has repositioned its brand by emphasizing authenticity and dedication to the sport of football. Strategic partnerships and collaborations with players and teams showcase Umbro’s commitment to excellence.

How does Umbro engage with consumers?

Umbro engages with consumers through collaborations with athletes who align with the brand’s values and authentic storytelling. This highlights the passion and dedication of players and fosters trust and loyalty among consumers.

How did Umbro relaunch the Speciali football boot?

Umbro relaunched the Speciali football boot by merging classic design with cutting-edge performance. The relaunch was promoted through a collaboration with Pepe and a 10-minute film showcasing its features.

How does Umbro build its brand community?

Umbro builds its brand community through social media strategies and initiatives such as the “Speciali Moments” campaign, which involves fans in the brand’s storytelling. By actively involving fans, Umbro fosters a sense of belonging and builds a loyal fan base.

How did Umbro overcome challenges and rebuild its brand?

Umbro overcame challenges after being sold by Nike through a strategic turnaround strategy. Signing major teams such as Everton, Hull City, and Derby solidified Umbro’s position within the football industry and contributed to its brand revitalization.

What was the goal of Umbro’s website redesign?

The goal of Umbro’s website redesign was to improve content consistency and user experience. The design process included a content audit, a mobile-first design approach, and functional and browser testing.

What is the overall marketing strategy of Umbro?

Umbro’s overall marketing strategy focuses on digital engagement, brand repositioning, and collaborations with athletes. The successful repositioning efforts have strengthened the brand’s image and increased customer loyalty.

How has Umbro built a global fan community?

Umbro has built a global fan community through authentic storytelling and strategic sponsorships. The brand’s commitment to authenticity and football expertise has allowed for successful brand rebuilding and growth.
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