7 Fascinating Crystals for Productivity

They’re gorgeous, portable, and utterly powerful in creating a productive work environment.

Have you ever sat down at your desk and felt a complete lack of energy? Or do you find yourself glancing at your phone every five minutes, unable to focus despite having an enormous to-do list?

Trust me — been there, done that.

We’ve all dealt with a lack of productivity and focus from time to time. Our minds gets scattered, our projects get behind schedule, and our list of tasks overwhelms us so much that paralysis grasps us in its tight claws.

There have been too many times to count where I’ve wanted to close my laptop, turn off my phone and pull the bed covers over my head, drifting to a dream land where work simply doesn’t exist.

A Possible Solution

If only there was a way for us to naturally increase our productivity and mood at work.

Or is there?

Recently, there’s been one solution that’s been helping me get through the workdays with speed, efficiency and less stress. It’s none other than crystals.

Before you start doubting the magic of crystals, know that I did too at first. After all, how could a simple stone help you get more on top of things?

Well, believe it or not, the energy of these crystals actually has scientific backing, in the form of a Piezoelectric effect. It’s where certain materials have the ability to generate an electric charge in response to an applied mechanical stress.

Not only do spiritual people and celebrities use them, but even the topmost entrepreneurs and executives alike. Now, you can invite their healing properties into your office to give you the productivity boost you need to zoom through your daily responsibilities.

Crystals for Productivity

Without further ado, here are my 7 favorite crystals for productivity at work.

1. Black Tourmaline

This crystal is a fantastic one to start with. Even though it’ll physically just sit on your desk, it’s main use is to help protect you from the negative energy that can come about in a large office environment with a lot going on around you. Have a stressed boss nearby who keeps adding to your to-do list? Get some bad feedback on a speech you recently gave? This stone’s energy can help block all those bad vibes from reaching you.

What it can also do is shield you against electromagnetic radiation fields (EMFs) that a lot of electronic devices emit, which can cause stress, tiredness, and anxiety. When all of us constantly surround ourselves with this cyber smog, black tourmaline can be a great cleanser to wash that negative energy away.

2. Green Aventurine 

Aventurine is a form of quartz, that is most often green. What do you associate most with the color green in today’s society? If you thought about those big bands of money and want to attract some more wealth into your life, then green aventurine is the crystal for you. It can help you attract more prosperity, which can manifest itself in the form of a bonus or a promotion.

The stone can also help stimulate more optimism and imagination into your mind. Creativity is one of the most valued skills in many workplaces today, and can be used to solve problems more effectively, thus increasing your productivity.

3. Pyrite

If it looks like gold and feels like gold, then…is it gold? Not quite, although pyrite can certainly bring you benefits that are worthy of several bars of gold. For those of you women who work in a male-dominated field or office, you might have felt like your voice was silenced or pushed to the side. Inviting Pyrite into your life can help pull out the warrior you are inside and strengthen your toughness and mental willpower. You’ll soon be able to overcome bad feelings and bring in a new wave of influence.

4. Citrine

Citrine is a stone that you can keep at home instead of the office for a morning routine that will put you in the right mindset for the rest of your day. As you clutch it in your hands, take that time to think through the goals you want to achieve that day and write them down as an act of manifestation. By doing this every day, you’ll soon find that the power of the citrine crystal can help you follow through with your intentions and more.

Citrine is often used with feng shui to welcome abundance, prosperity, and positivity. This crystal will put you in a high-vibe state to get the most out of your day.

5. Smoky Quartz

No one is a stranger to the fact that the workplace can get overwhelming. Our bosses could show up any minute with a new pile of work to shoulder. Things become stressful to juggle and it’s easy to feel like we’re being ripped apart at the seams. It can feel impossible to focus on any one task at a time.

However, it suddenly can become possible with smoky quartz to the rescue. By cradling it in your palms while closing your eyes to give them some rest, the stone will clear your mind and allow you to prioritize and focus on what comes first. It can ease you into a state of mind that allows you to block out every other worry and concentrate on the work at hand. Before you know it, your overwhelming stress will begin to melt away like butter.

6. Amazonite

Communication is one of the most important things when it comes to being a top performer. Yet, it can also be the one thing that gives us so much stress. After all, does anyone actually like giving presentations and speeches? I’m not exactly a big fan myself. But with Amazonite in my hand, I’m actually more confident when carrying out my communication. It too can help open your heart and throat chakras to make you a more effective speaker and communicator.

7. Tiger’s Eye

Lastly, being a professional working woman is all about having the courage it takes to make mistakes, learn from failure, and keep on advancing in whatever we do. Building that confidence is hard, but never impossible. That’s why I love to keep Tiger’s Eye in my pocket as I move about my day. Though it may be small, it’s energy is powerful in helping me feel brave in everything that I set out to do. It, too, can be transformative for your productivity as well.

Try Crystals for Productivity

Pick one of these crystals and try it! I am a strong believer that a health lifestyle is the most important contributor to a successful professional and personal life. Crystals can be a fun and important component to your health and wellness, while also contributing to your productivity at work.

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