5 Flawless Gifts for Mentors

Mentors can make such a difference in both your work and personal life. They can challenge your thinking, point out your blind spots, or simply give you the support you need when things are tough.

If you have a wonderful mentor, you may be thinking about getting him or her a gift to show your gratitude. Gifts for mentors are a wonderful idea, but should be relatively small and accompanied by a meaningful note. Keep reading for some excellent gift ideas.

5 Flawless Gifts for Mentors

1. Succulents

Succulents can brighten up any office, are easy to keep alive, and even help clean the air. It’s hard to go wrong with a succulent gift, and Lulu’s garden (pictured) allows you to customize your gift by selecting the succulents. They come in a beautiful planter box that is sure to please your mentor.

2. Chocolate

Nearly everyone loves chocolates, and when they come as beautifully packaged as these, they’re hard to resist. Go with a colorful box of gourmet chocolates or a luxury box of Lindt’s swiss luxury selection.

3. Unique or monagrammed coasters

Coasters are another fun way to brighten up a boring office. I love these colorful geometric coasters or make it more personal with a customized coaster set. Make the gift special by adding your mentor’s name or monogram.

4. A coffee mug

Never go wrong with getting your mentor a coffee mug! Choose a modern mug that will compliment any office or a personalized travel mug that will keep coffee hot for hours.

5. Personalized notebook and pen

Can you tell I love a personalized gift? Well, your mentor likely will enjoy one as well. Try this color-block notebook (available in so many fun colors) with your mentor’s name on the cover. Find a set of pens that compliment the notebook – I like this metalic click pen duo from Erin Condren.

Mentor Gifts

There are so many great mentor gifts, and you know your mentor best. But really, it’s more about the thoughtfulness and the gratitude you show more than it is about the gift.

Writing your mentor a heartfelt thank you that mentions specific ways they have improved your life will mean everything!

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