VinFast Marketing Strategy 2024: A Case Study

VinFast, a leading automotive manufacturer, has devised an ambitious marketing strategy for 2024 with the aim of making a significant impact on the US automotive industry. By carefully positioning their products, conducting extensive market research, and leveraging digital marketing tactics, VinFast hopes to capture a substantial share of the American market.

Key Takeaways:

  • VinFast has developed a comprehensive marketing strategy for 2024 to conquer the US automotive market
  • VinFast’s decision to establish their manufacturing location in North Carolina is based on several factors, including well-established electric vehicle infrastructure, financial incentives and support for green energy initiatives, as well as collaboration opportunities with leading tech companies.
  • Localization, absorption of advanced technologies, market responsiveness, and global expansion are crucial elements of VinFast’s international business strategy.
  • Considerations such as language and cultural differences, local shopping habits, and festive seasons play a key role in VinFast’s marketing strategies for their US plant.
  • VinFast places a significant emphasis on digital marketing channels to expand their reach and engage with a wider audience.

The decision to establish a manufacturing location in North Carolina was a strategic move by VinFast. The state boasts a well-established electric vehicle infrastructure, making it an ideal base for VinFast’s foray into the US market. Additionally, North Carolina offers significant financial incentives and support for green energy initiatives, aligning with VinFast’s commitment to sustainability. The region also presents collaboration opportunities with leading tech companies, facilitating the transfer of advanced technologies to VinFast’s operations.

As part of their entry mode into the US market, VinFast has chosen a greenfield venture, establishing a factory in North Carolina. This approach allows them to build their operations from scratch and customize their production process to meet specific market needs. Furthermore, VinFast’s international business strategy revolves around localization, enabling them to adapt their products and services to cater to the distinct preferences and demands of the US customers.

VinFast understands the importance of being responsive to evolving customer preferences in the US market. Their international business strategy emphasizes continuous product improvement and manufacturing process efficiency by absorbing advanced technologies from the US market. This approach ensures that VinFast remains agile and maintains a competitive edge by swiftly adapting to customer demands.

Global expansion is a key component of VinFast’s international business strategy. By establishing a presence in the US market, VinFast aims to increase brand recognition and open up opportunities in new markets worldwide. Their transnational approach allows them to gain insights into customer needs, customize their offerings accordingly, and react quickly to market changes.

When formulating marketing strategies for VinFast’s US plant, considerations include language and cultural differences, local shopping habits, and festive seasons. By employing local marketing staff, VinFast can effectively navigate language nuances and cultural sensitivities, ensuring their campaigns resonate with the US audience. Additionally, leveraging holiday seasons for promotions can boost brand awareness, drive revenue, and establish a strong presence in the American market.

VinFast recognizes the power of digital marketing channels in expanding their reach and engaging with a wider audience. By leveraging social media, targeted online advertising, and influencer partnerships, VinFast can effectively communicate their brand message and showcase their innovative products to prospective customers.

VinFast’s commitment to sustainable mobility aligns with the growing demand for electric vehicles in the US. The country boasts a well-developed electric vehicle infrastructure, with continuously upgraded production technology. VinFast’s entry into the US market not only provides a showcase for their cutting-edge electric vehicles but also enables them to tap into this high-demand market.

Stay tuned for more updates from VinFast as they showcase their new EV concept and mini eSUV VF 3 model at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024. VinFast’s electric bikes, including the DrgnFly, will also be available for test drives at CES 2024. Catch VinFast’s press conference on January 9 at booth 6417, West Hall, Las Vegas Exhibition Center.

VinFast’s marketing strategy for 2024 demonstrates their commitment to providing high-quality products, advanced smart services, and seamless customer experiences to global customers. As they continue to expand their operations and penetrate new markets, VinFast remains dedicated to staying at the forefront of the automotive industry.

Please note: The information shared above is based on the public statements and initiatives made by VinFast. The company’s forward-looking statement discloses various risks associated with its operations and business strategy. Individuals are encouraged not to place undue reliance on forward-looking statements and are advised to refer to VinFast’s official communications for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Why VinFast Chose North Carolina as a Manufacturing Location

VinFast, a leading electric vehicle manufacturer, has strategically chosen North Carolina as its manufacturing location in the United States. This decision is backed by several key factors that make North Carolina an ideal site for VinFast’s electric vehicle production facility.

One of the primary reasons VinFast selected North Carolina is the state’s well-established electric vehicle infrastructure. With a growing number of electric vehicle charging stations and supportive policies, North Carolina is at the forefront of sustainable mobility in the country. This aligns perfectly with VinFast’s commitment to green energy initiatives and the production of electric vehicles.

Moreover, North Carolina’s government has demonstrated its dedication to driving the growth of the electric vehicle industry. The state is offering VinFast a significant incentive package of $1.2 billion, a testament to its commitment to fostering sustainable manufacturing and attracting high-tech investments.

North Carolina’s thriving technology sector also influenced VinFast’s decision. The state is home to numerous tech companies and research institutions, providing ample collaboration opportunities for VinFast. By tapping into this technological ecosystem, VinFast aims to bring innovation into its manufacturing processes, further enhancing the quality and efficiency of its electric vehicles.

Additionally, VinFast’s selection of North Carolina as its manufacturing location is driven by the state’s favorable market conditions. The United States electric vehicle market is poised for rapid growth, with forecasted sales of 670,000 units in 2022, marking a significant increase from the previous year. By establishing its manufacturing base in North Carolina, VinFast can capitalize on this market potential and expand its presence in North America.

With its phase 1 construction set to begin in 2022, VinFast’s manufacturing plant in North Carolina’s Chatham County’s Triangle Innovation Point will cover an expansive area of 800 hectares. This state-of-the-art facility is projected to create thousands of jobs and produce up to 150,000 electric vehicles annually, making a substantial contribution to the local economy.

As VinFast continues to expand globally, its manufacturing facility in North Carolina plays a crucial role in the company’s international business strategy. Alongside its existing manufacturing base in Hai Phong, Vietnam, with a capacity to produce 950,000 vehicles per year, VinFast aims to establish operations in several key markets, including the United States, Canada, Germany, France, and the Netherlands.

Key Statistics:
Total Investment Value: $6.5 billion
Projected Annual Vehicle Production: Up to 150,000 electric vehicles
Incentive Package from North Carolina: $1.2 billion
Estimated EV Sales in the US (2022): 670,000 units
VinFast’s North Carolina Plant Capacity: 150,000 vehicles per year (phase 1)

With its strategic location, supportive ecosystem, and promising market conditions, North Carolina emerges as the perfect choice for VinFast’s expansion into the United States. The establishment of VinFast’s manufacturing facility in the state is set to accelerate the growth of the electric vehicle industry, create new job opportunities, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

VinFast’s Entry Mode for the US Market

VinFast, the automotive subsidiary of Vingroup, has strategically chosen a specific entry mode to establish its presence in the competitive US market. The company opted for a wholly owned subsidiary, specifically a greenfield venture, to ensure full control over its operations and uphold its proprietary technology. This entry mode allows VinFast to make strategic decisions and maintain strict control over key aspects of its business.

By opting for a greenfield venture, VinFast plans to build its manufacturing plant from scratch in North Carolina, creating a state-of-the-art facility equipped with the latest technology. This approach enables VinFast to tailor the plant according to its specific needs, ensuring efficient production processes and the implementation of their proprietary technology.

However, this strategic decision comes with its challenges. Establishing a greenfield venture requires significant financial investments, especially in an unfamiliar market such as the United States. VinFast will need to carefully navigate market uncertainty and address potential regulatory challenges that may arise during the establishment and operation of their manufacturing plant.

VinFast’s commitment to a greenfield venture demonstrates its long-term vision and dedication to the US market. This entry mode provides the company with the flexibility to adapt to market demands and create a manufacturing facility that aligns with their strategic goals, allowing them to produce high-quality vehicles that cater to the needs of American consumers.

VinFast’s entry mode highlights the company’s confidence in its proprietary technology and its ability to compete in a highly competitive market. By choosing a wholly owned subsidiary and a greenfield venture, VinFast positions itself for success and paves the way for its expansion into the US market.

VinFast’s Entry Mode Overview

Entry Mode Wholly Owned Subsidiary
Location North Carolina
Operations Greenfield Venture
  • Full control over operations
  • Protection of proprietary technology
  • Standardized workflows and decision-making processes
  • Significant financial investments
  • Market uncertainty
  • Regulatory challenges

VinFast’s International Business Strategy

VinFast, founded in 2017 by Vingroup, a significant conglomerate in Vietnam, has set a bold international business strategy in motion. Combining customization, localization, technology absorption, and market responsiveness, VinFast aims to expand globally and establish itself as a renowned brand in the automotive industry.

One of the key pillars of VinFast’s international business strategy is customization. Understanding that each market has unique preferences and demands, VinFast tailors its vehicles to meet those specific needs. By incorporating local market insights and cultural nuances, VinFast can better serve its customers and gain a competitive edge.

Localization is another crucial element of VinFast’s strategy. To succeed in international markets, VinFast invests in local manufacturing facilities, supply chains, and talent. This approach allows VinFast to align with market regulations, reduce production costs, and create jobs in the communities where it operates.

As a technology-driven company, VinFast’s international business strategy includes a strong emphasis on technology absorption. Collaborating with renowned global brands, such as ItalDesign, Pininfarina, and Bosch, VinFast absorbs cutting-edge technologies, design expertise, and manufacturing know-how. This strategy ensures that VinFast’s vehicles meet the highest standards of quality, innovation, and performance.

Market responsiveness is crucial in a rapidly evolving industry. VinFast continually listens to customer feedback, market trends, and emerging technologies to stay ahead of the curve. This agility enables VinFast to adapt quickly and ensure that its vehicles meet the evolving needs and expectations of its customers.

Global expansion is at the heart of VinFast’s international business strategy. With a focus on electric vehicles, VinFast plans to introduce multiple models of electric cars and motorbikes to cater to the growing demand for sustainable mobility worldwide. VinFast’s commitment to innovation, quality, and customer-centricity positions the company for success as it expands to new markets.

Building brand recognition is a critical component of VinFast’s international business strategy. VinFast invests in marketing campaigns and strategic partnerships with renowned international brands to enhance its visibility and credibility in the global market. By establishing itself as a trustworthy and forward-thinking brand, VinFast aims to capture the attention and loyalty of customers around the world.

In summary, VinFast’s international business strategy combines customization, localization, technology absorption, market responsiveness, and global expansion. With a strong focus on brand recognition, expertise, and customer-centricity, VinFast is poised to make a significant impact in the global automotive industry.

Marketing Strategies for VinFast’s US Plant

When expanding into the US market, VinFast needs to develop effective marketing strategies that take into account various factors such as language and cultural differences, local shopping habits, and the significance of festive seasons. By understanding the unique characteristics of the US market and implementing targeted promotional campaigns, VinFast can successfully establish its brand presence and gain a competitive edge.

Understanding Language and Cultural Differences

One of the key considerations for VinFast’s marketing strategies in the US is to address language and cultural differences. English is the predominant language in the US, so ensuring that all marketing materials are accurately translated and culturally appropriate is crucial for effective communication. VinFast should collaborate with professional language service providers to ensure accurate translations and adapt marketing messages to align with American cultural norms and values.

Adapting to Local Shopping Habits

To resonate with American consumers, VinFast must adapt to local shopping habits. The US market is known for its preference for online shopping, so VinFast should establish a robust online presence by optimizing its website for easy navigation, offering online purchasing options, and providing detailed product information. Additionally, creating partnerships with popular online marketplaces can broaden VinFast’s reach and exposure to a wider customer base.

Capitalizing on Festive Seasons

Festive seasons, such as Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas, present excellent opportunities for VinFast to launch targeted promotional campaigns. Offering special discounts, limited-time offers, and exclusive deals during these periods can attract customers and drive sales. By tailoring marketing efforts to align with the festive spirit and consumer expectations, VinFast can effectively leverage these seasons to enhance brand awareness and revenue.

Hiring Local Marketing Staff

Hiring local marketing staff who are familiar with the American market and understand its intricacies can greatly benefit VinFast’s marketing efforts. These professionals can provide valuable insights and expertise regarding consumer preferences, market trends, and competitor analysis. Their knowledge of local culture and consumer behavior will enable VinFast to develop localized marketing strategies that resonate with the target audience and yield positive results.

Implementing Targeted Promotional Campaigns

To establish itself in the highly competitive US market, VinFast should implement targeted promotional campaigns that highlight its unique value propositions and competitive advantages. By showcasing the quality, innovation, and reliability of its vehicles, VinFast can differentiate itself from established competitors. Utilizing various marketing channels, such as social media, digital advertising, and influencer collaborations, can help maximize brand exposure and engage with the target audience effectively.

Key Statistics and Achievements
VinFast’s state-of-the-art automotive manufacturing complex in Hai Phong, Vietnam boasts up to 90% automation.
VinFast’s cars became the best-sellers in all three segments in Vietnam in 2020.
VinFast announced a $4 billion investment plan to build an EV plant in North Carolina with the production expected to start in 2025, projecting an initial production capacity of 150,000 vehicles annually.
VinFast intends to expand to at least 50 countries globally by 2024, including key markets such as the US, Canada, and Europe.
VinFast is in the process of building electric vehicle manufacturing plants in the US, India, and Indonesia.

VinFast’s Digital Marketing Strategy

VinFast recognizes the power of digital marketing in today’s highly connected world. With their VF e34 pre-order campaign in Vietnam yielding impressive results, they have solidified their commitment to utilizing digital marketing strategies to their advantage. By leveraging social media, search engine optimization, and online advertising, VinFast aims to expand their reach, drive customer engagement, and enhance brand visibility in the digital space.

One of the key aspects of VinFast’s digital marketing strategy is the use of social media platforms. During the pre-order campaign, content from VinFast’s social media accounts was shared 11,000 times, garnering 700,000 likes and 89,000 comments. This level of engagement demonstrates the effectiveness of their social media presence in creating buzz and generating interest.

Furthermore, VinFast capitalized on the power of influencers by collaborating with over 1,000 individuals who changed their Facebook profile pictures to feature the VF e34. This collaborative effort not only increased online visibility but also strengthened the organic media-generated buzz surrounding the vehicle. As a result, the VF e34 was discussed in approximately 417,500 conversations on social media.

VinFast’s digital marketing strategy also includes search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to ensure their online presence is easily discoverable by potential customers. By optimizing their website and online content with relevant keywords, they can improve their search engine rankings and attract more organic traffic from interested individuals.

In addition to social media and SEO, VinFast effectively harnesses the power of online advertising to reach a wider audience. The VF e34 pre-order campaign reached an astounding 33 million people and resulted in two million total engagements. This demonstrates how online advertising can significantly expand brand reach and capture the attention of a vast number of potential customers.

Internationally, VinFast’s digital marketing efforts have also yielded impressive results. With 350 articles written about the VF e34 in major publications, VinFast successfully garnered global attention and showcased their electric vehicle offerings to a broader audience.

While VinFast has achieved remarkable success with their digital marketing strategy, it’s worth noting that they have managed to execute their campaigns within a cost-efficient budget. This emphasizes VinFast’s ability to prioritize cost-efficiency without compromising the effectiveness of their marketing initiatives.

Key Statistics Results
VF e34 pre-orders (within 6 days of launch) 11,476
VF e34 pre-orders (within 3 months) 25,000+
Online pre-orders 66.5%
Total reach 33 million people
Total engagements 2 million
Total discussions on social media Approximately 417,500
Features in Vietnamese publications 1,000+
Content shares on social media 11,000+
Likes on social media 700,000+
Comments on social media 89,000+
Facebook influencers featuring VF e34 1,000+
Articles written internationally 350+
Total pre-order sale volume Exceeded $650 million

VinFast’s Participation in CES 2024

As CES 2024 approaches, VinFast, a leading automotive manufacturer, is excited to announce its participation in this prominent tech event. With a strong focus on innovation and sustainable mobility, VinFast aims to showcase its groundbreaking technologies and shape the future of smart transportation.

At CES 2024, VinFast will introduce its new EV concept, the mini eSUV VF 3, which represents the company’s commitment to developing cutting-edge electric vehicles. With sleek design and advanced features, the VF 3 is set to capture the attention of automotive enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.

In addition to the VF 3, VinFast will also showcase its all-electric VF 9 full-size SUV, highlighting the company’s dedication to providing a wide range of electric vehicles to cater to different customer preferences. The VF 9 includes a new streaming service, enhancing the overall driving experience for tech-savvy consumers.

Furthermore, VinFast will unveil its highly anticipated DrgnFly electric bike at CES 2024. With its sleek design and eco-friendly functionality, the DrgnFly embodies VinFast’s commitment to creating accessible and sustainable transportation options.

At the event, attendees will have the opportunity to test drive VinFast’s electric bikes and experience firsthand the impressive performance and features they offer. This interactive experience aims to highlight the accessibility and user-friendly nature of VinFast’s electric vehicles.

As part of VinFast’s presence at CES 2024, the company will also host a press conference on January 9 at 10:15 AM PT. This press conference will provide further insights into VinFast’s technological advancements and future plans.

One of the company’s notable achievements, VinFast’s MirrorSense technology, has been recognized with the Innovation Award Honoree in the Vehicle Tech and Advanced Mobility category. This cutting-edge technology accurately detects the driver’s head position and eye gaze direction, contributing to safer and more intelligent driving experiences.

With a data set of 25,000,000 images sourced from 250,000 real-world subjects, VinFast has validated the performance of MirrorSense through extensive analysis of 504 self-collected videos featuring 126 participants from diverse demographics.

VinFast’s parent company, Vingroup, includes VinAI, a leading company in AI application development. Ranked among the top 20 companies globally, VinAI emphasizes the acceleration of AI technology development for a more connected and intelligent world.

In addition to showcasing VinFast MirrorSense at CES 2024, the company aims to introduce other groundbreaking technologies, such as Driver & Occupants Monitoring Systems (DOMS) and an Advanced Driver Monitoring System (ASVM) with JellyView. These advancements have the potential to enhance safety applications in driving, including augmented reality heads-up displays and auto-adjust seat settings for a more intelligent and secure driving experience.

Participating in CES 2024, one of the most influential tech events globally, provides VinFast with a platform to showcase its commitment to innovation and sustainable mobility. From January 9 to 12, 2024, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, VinFast will demonstrate its revolutionary electric vehicles and groundbreaking technologies, further solidifying its position as a leader in the electric vehicle industry.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights on VinFast’s participation at CES 2024.

VinFast’s Manufacturing Plant Organization Structure

VinFast, the leading electric vehicle manufacturer, has developed an efficient and effective organization structure for its state-of-the-art manufacturing plant. This structure focuses on creating autonomous business units that work in close coordination to make strategic decisions and ensure effective control over the manufacturing processes.

The organization structure of VinFast’s manufacturing plant is designed to promote seamless collaboration and streamline operations. The plant is divided into various autonomous business units, each responsible for a specific aspect of the manufacturing process, such as assembly, production, quality control, and logistics.

The autonomous business units in VinFast’s manufacturing plant operate independently while maintaining close coordination with each other. This structure enables quick decision-making and ensures that strategic decisions can be made promptly in response to market demands and production requirements.

Effective control is a priority within VinFast’s manufacturing plant organization structure. By decentralizing decision-making and empowering autonomous business units, VinFast maintains effective control over its manufacturing processes while fostering a culture of accountability and responsibility.

Key Features of VinFast’s Manufacturing Plant Organization Structure:

  • Autonomous business units with defined roles and responsibilities
  • Close coordination and collaboration between units
  • Decentralized decision-making for efficient operations
  • Strategic decision-making in response to market demands
  • Effective control over manufacturing processes

VinFast’s manufacturing plant organization structure ensures that the production of electric vehicles is carried out smoothly and efficiently. By implementing autonomous business units that work in close coordination, VinFast can make strategic decisions quickly and maintain effective control over its manufacturing operations.

VinFast’s Commitment to Sustainable Mobility

VinFast, a relatively young player in the electric vehicle manufacturing sector, is strongly committed to sustainable mobility and driving the global smart electric vehicle revolution. The company’s core focus is to offer high-quality products, advanced smart services, and seamless customer experiences that promote a sustainable planet.

With a diverse range of green mobility solutions, VinFast recently showcased its innovative electric vehicles and electric scooters at the Bangkok International Motor Show 2024. Attendees had the opportunity to witness the company’s commitment to sustainable transportation firsthand. The showcased models included the VF 3, VF 5, VF e34, VF 6, VF 7, VF 8, VF 9, VF Wild, Evo200, Evo200 Lite, Feliz S, Klara S, Vento S, and Theon S, exemplifying VinFast’s dedication to providing a wide array of environmentally friendly options to consumers.

Not only does VinFast prioritize the development of electric vehicles, but the company also emphasizes sustainable manufacturing processes. VinFast aims to achieve up to 90% automation in its automotive manufacturing complex in Hai Phong, Vietnam. This commitment to automation not only ensures efficient production but also reduces carbon emissions and energy consumption, contributing to a greener future.

Moreover, VinFast’s sustainability efforts extend beyond its manufacturing practices. The company has signed the COP26 Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Declaration, joining forces with 13 other automotive manufacturers in committing to achieving 100% zero emission new vehicle sales in leading markets by 2035 or earlier. This declaration highlights VinFast’s dedication to significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and transitioning to a more sustainable transportation ecosystem.

Looking ahead, VinFast plans to further expand its operations by entering at least 50 countries worldwide by 2024. This expansion will allow VinFast to bring its high-quality, sustainable mobility solutions to diverse markets, including the US, Canada, Europe, India, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, the Middle East, and Africa. Additionally, the company is accelerating the construction of electric vehicle manufacturing plants in the US, India, and Indonesia, in addition to its existing Vietnamese operations. This strategic global presence will enable VinFast to play a key role in driving the adoption of smart mobility on a global scale.

VinFast’s pricing strategy further supports its commitment to sustainable mobility. By making smart mobility accessible to a wide range of customers, VinFast strengthens its mission to create a future of sustainable transportation. Through competitive pricing and innovative financing options, the company aims to inspire individuals and communities worldwide to embrace green mobility and contribute to a more sustainable planet.

To visually showcase VinFast’s commitment to sustainable mobility, take a look at the VF Wild concept. This innovative electric vehicle boasts a flexible bed length that expands from 5 to 8 feet with the rear seats folded down automatically, making it the largest bed in its segment. The VF Wild exemplifies VinFast’s dedication to broadening its product range and offering unique electric vehicles that cater to various consumer needs, while also promoting sustainable transportation.

As VinFast continues to grow and innovate, the company is dedicated to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2040. By aligning its business strategy with the goal of sustainability, VinFast aims to make a significant impact on the global automotive sector and foster a greener future for generations to come.

VinFast’s Achievements and Future Outlook

VinFast, the Vietnamese automotive manufacturer, has achieved remarkable success in the electric vehicle industry in a relatively short period of time. With a strong focus on innovation, VinFast has quickly transitioned to producing electric vehicles, including cars, electric motorbikes, buses, and electric bicycles, within just six years.

Under the leadership of the Chairman of Vingroup, VinFast’s parent company, VinFast has demonstrated a strategic vision for a greener future. The company’s achievements in the electric vehicle industry have had a global impact, positioning them as a key player in the market for smart mobility solutions.

Recognizing the importance of government support in driving the green mobility revolution, VinFast has actively collaborated with governments to promote awareness and action within communities. As electric cars continue to replace gasoline cars in the future, the company is committed to evolving energy solutions, with battery technology currently being the most efficient and widely adopted solution for electric vehicles.

Challenges and Future Outlook

While VinFast has achieved significant milestones, it faces challenges and uncertainties in the highly competitive automotive market. The company’s VF8 model received poor reviews, but the VF9 SUV is expected to turn the tide in the US market. However, VinFast faces stiff competition from well-reviewed models such as the Rivian R1S, Volvo EX90, and Kia EV9.

VinFast’s attempts at an IPO have faced setbacks, leading to criticism from financial media outlets like Forbes and Bloomberg. The company’s valuation has been called into question, with Forbes implying a significant drop in stock price. The stock manipulation controversy has also affected its credibility among investors, leading to its classification as a meme stock.

VinFast’s future hinges on its ability to generate revenue, service debt, and compete in the automotive market. Efforts to attract investments through stock manipulation and expansion plans may not be enough without the development of competitive products, technology, and brand identity. The company’s structural weaknesses, including quality control issues, design challenges, and reliance on external partners, pose additional obstacles to its success.

Despite these challenges, VinFast’s achievements thus far cannot be overlooked. The company’s commitment to sustainable mobility, combined with its global impact and focus on smart mobility, gives it the potential to lead the electric vehicle industry. VinFast’s collaborations with industry leaders like Bosch for charging infrastructure and the recognition received by VinAI for innovations at CES 2024 are further signs of its drive for growth and innovation.

As VinFast continues to navigate the market and secure additional funds to sustain its operations, the future remains uncertain. However, with its achievements and determination, VinFast aims to overcome challenges, establish market leadership, and contribute significantly to the advancement of the electric vehicle industry.


With its ambitious VinFast Marketing Strategy 2024, VinFast is poised to make a significant impact on the automotive industry, particularly in the US market. By capitalizing on the growing demand for sustainable mobility and the electric vehicle revolution, VinFast aims to establish itself as a key player in the industry.

Through its innovative marketing approaches, VinFast will leverage market research and digital marketing techniques to position itself as a leader in the electric vehicle space. The company’s commitment to sustainable mobility aligns with the global shift towards eco-friendly transportation solutions.

Notably, VinFast’s successful foray into the Vietnamese motorbike market, in the face of dominant brands such as Honda, has demonstrated its ability to compete and capture market share. This expertise will be invaluable as VinFast enters the highly competitive US automotive market.

With a solid manufacturing infrastructure in Vietnam and plans to establish a facility in India, VinFast is well-positioned to meet the demand for electric vehicles. The company’s market capitalization and strategic partnerships highlight investor confidence in its future success. As VinFast continues to innovate and disrupt the industry, it will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the future of sustainable mobility and the electric vehicle revolution.


What is the focus of VinFast’s marketing strategy for 2024?

VinFast’s marketing strategy for 2024 focuses on market positioning, branding, market research, and digital marketing to establish a strong presence in the US automotive industry.

Why did VinFast choose North Carolina as their manufacturing location in the US?

VinFast chose North Carolina as their manufacturing location in the US because of the well-established electric vehicle infrastructure in the state, financial incentives for green energy initiatives, and collaboration opportunities with leading tech companies.

What is VinFast’s entry mode for the US market?

VinFast’s entry mode for the US market is through a wholly owned subsidiary, specifically a greenfield venture, which allows them to maintain control over their operations and protect their proprietary technology.

What is VinFast’s international business strategy?

VinFast’s international business strategy focuses on customization, localization, technology absorption, and market responsiveness to meet the specific needs of each market and pave the way for global expansion.

How does VinFast implement marketing strategies for their US plant?

VinFast implements marketing strategies for their US plant by considering factors such as language and cultural differences, local shopping habits, and festive seasons. They also hire local marketing staff and capitalize on festive seasons for targeted promotional campaigns.

What is VinFast’s digital marketing strategy?

VinFast’s digital marketing strategy leverages social media, search engine optimization, and online advertising to expand their reach and engage with a wider audience, enhancing their brand visibility in the digital space.

What is VinFast’s participation in CES 2024?

VinFast will participate in CES 2024 to introduce their latest EV concept, the mini eSUV VF 3, and the DrgnFly electric bike, showcasing their commitment to technological advancements and accessible EVs.

How is VinFast’s manufacturing plant organized in the US?

VinFast’s manufacturing plant in the US has an organization structure emphasizing autonomous business units and close coordination to ensure effective control and efficient decision-making processes.

What is VinFast’s commitment to sustainable mobility?

VinFast is strongly committed to sustainable mobility and aims to drive the global smart electric vehicle revolution by offering high-quality products, advanced smart services, and seamless customer experiences at an accessible price.

What are VinFast’s achievements and future outlook?

VinFast’s achievements in the electric vehicle industry have positioned them as a global player. With their successful entry into the US automotive industry and dedication to expansion, VinFast is poised to establish market leadership and shape the future of sustainable transportation.
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