5 Killer Washable Suits for Women (plus Accessories!)

Even if you don’t work in a business professional environment, every professional woman needs a few killer suits for interviewing, board meetings, headshots, networking events or presentations. Now you can find high quality washable suits for women, saving on the dry cleaning bill while looking as sharp as ever.

In my experience, showing up to work looking like you care by dressing well makes a difference. Not only will you feel more confident, but it shows respect for yourself and others. Let’s dive in!

1. Hobbs London Alva Washable Suit

This is a great classic suit that looks amazing and is machine washable. Hobbs London has a lot of great tops, skirts, and accessories as well. Their goal is to provide luxury clothing at affordable prices, and I think they’ve nailed it.

I would consider this a “power suit” and is best for an interview or an important meeting where you need to look competent and put together.

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Styling Tip

Pull the sleeves up to 3/4 length to make your legs instantly look longer. Place a hair tie over the middle of the sleeve around the elbow. Gather and pull your sleeve up to a spot on your arm that’s comfortable. To finish, hide the hair tie underneath one of the fold overs.

Accessorize This Suit

Many women think a black suit feels boring. However, a top with interesting and intricate details, a beautiful cuff bracelet, and a nude heel create a work WOW moment. A nude heel will also create the appearance of a longer leg, which is a good thing in my book.


2. Banana Republic Washable Italian Wool-Blend Suit

Banana Republic has been a long time go-to of mine to find affordable and stylish basic suits. This suit has hundreds of five star reviews for its beautiful fabric, flattering fit and high quality look and feel. You can also break this suit up by pairing the jacket with a patterned pencil skirt or the pants with cardigan for a more casual look.

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Styling Tip

The best length for this type of pant is generally one inch above the ankle. Pin the pant hem at a couple of different lengths to see what looks best on you. Taking your pants to a tailor to get that perfect length and fit will make you feel amazing and is well worth the small investment!

Accessorize This Suit

This pant suit provides the perfect opportunity to wear a comfortable loafer for those days where you are on the go, but need to look professional. Pair the suit with a colorful top and tiered necklace to keep this look fun and stylish.

3. M.M. Lafleur Etsuko Dress

Okay, this is not a suit. However, I work in a business professional environment and I wear this Etsuko dress by M.M. Lafleur constantly (I have it in four colors). In fact, this dress is my most worn and most recommended wardrobe piece.

The dress is light weight, breathable, doesn’t wrinkle easily, is perfect for travel, and can withstand many dozens of washes (so far). The structured and tailored fit takes your look up a notch while feeling so so comfortable. As a bonus, you look professional with only one piece of clothing and limited accessories.

Check out M.M. Lafleur for other great work pieces as well. I have several other dresses, tops and skirts and truly love them all. M.M. Lafleur focuses on quality and they get the fit just right.

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Styling Tip

Consider wearing your hair in a low bun or chignon with this dress. The sleek hair will match the sleekness and simplicity of this dress. When wearing a low bun, look at your profile and imagine your jaw line extending back to the back of your head. The middle of your bun should be where your jaw line would end if it extended to the back of your head.

Accessorize This Dress

This dress is relatively simple, so you can accessorize it as much or as little as you like. I like to wear mine with a wider belt sometimes to change up the look (it comes with a thin leather belt). A classic heel and a beautiful bracelet will pull the look together.


4. Ministry of Supply Women’s Kinetic Blazer and Slim Pant

Ministry of Supply is an interesting brand, launched in 2012, focused on high performance business wear. It was founded by former MIT students using some of the same temperature regulating material as NASA uses in astronaut clothing.

This suit uses a 4-way stretch fabric for ultimate comfort, and is naturally wrinkle resistant, using your own body heat to release and relax wrinkles without the use of chemicals (how cool is that?!)

This suit has A LOT of great reviews, with the only caution being that you may need to try a few sizes to get just the right fit.

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Styling Tip

For full-length selves on a suit jacket, the sleeve should end right at your wrists. For three-quarter-length sleeves, the sleeve should fall half way between your elbow and wrist. Be sure to correct sleeves that are the wrong length by taking them to your local tailor. Alternatively, you can roll up or push up sleeves that are too long.

Accessorize This Suit

Big earrings, an interesting top, and high quality flats will make this look shine. The shoes below also come in red, which would make this look stunning!


5. Lands’ End Women’s Washable Wool Collarless Blazer and Straight Modern Pants

Lands’ End has been around for decades, and I have always considered them a quality causal clothes brand. Now they have a wide variety of work appropriate clothes, including washable business suits, shoes, tops and accessories. They carry this suit in petite, tall and plus sizes as well. I love how the cut of this collarless blazer makes it look so clean and modern.

This suit has a slight stretch, which makes it perfect for those busy days where you are active and running around. The easy care makes it perfect for travel as well.

You can also pair this with the Lands’ End women’s washable wool piped sheath dress. I recommend a fun patterned or bright colored heel if you choose to pair the jacket with the dress.

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Styling Tips

If you are more of a pear or hourglass shape, pair this jacket with an a-line or pleated skirt in a bright color or fun print.

Accessorize this Suit

If you are having a busy, on-the-go day, these Rothy’s flats are comfortable and look great. These shoes are washable, and are one of my favorites. I have these in 4 colors/prints and have washed them dozens of times. They still look like new. Add a cute top and some hoop earrings and you are ready for your busy day!


Looking Professional Has Never Been Easier

Wearing a suit can increase your confidence and your impact. With all of these great washable suits for women, looking professional is a breeze.

Think about how you can always have one interesting piece when you wear a suit – it can be a bright accessory, a patterned top, or a bold shoe.

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