4 Stylish Tweed Suits for Women

Fall and winter are exciting seasons, and among the many reasons is the tweed suit! Tweed suits for women are both classic and stylish. It can bring something unique to your cool-weather work wardrobe, while also keeping you warm and cozy.

Whether you go for a full tweed suit, a tweed dress, or simply swap out a suit jacket for a tweed jacket, I highly encourage you to get a little tweed (or tweed-inspired) fabric in your life.

Grab your pumpkin latte and let’s get started.

M.M. Lafleur Tweed Suit

This tweed-inspired suit from M.M. Lafleur is perfect for the office. The clean lines of this jacket and fitted appearance make it a winner in my book. You can also break these pieces up to expand your wardrobe. Replace the jacket of your favorite suit with this gorgeous jacket for a fresh and polished look.

LK Bennett Tweed Suit

If you’ve never tried LK Bennett, this tweed suit is a perfect starting point. LK Bennett is a British brand striving for accessible luxury. They nailed it with this classic suit. It’s gorgeous and will be wearable for many winters to come.

Calvin Klein Tweed Suit

This suit by Calvin Klein is a more budget-friendly tweed option. I love the cut of this jacket – it’ll make your waist look smaller thanks to the angles and point in at the waist.

Brooks Brothers Tweed Boucle Suit

This Brooks Brothers jacket and dress is a fun twist on the classic tweed suit. I am a big fan of wearing dresses to work – the lack of a waist band makes for a more comfortable day.

Bonus: Anne Klein Tweed Jacket

This isn’t a suit, but I love this tweed jacket from Anne Klein. It can be worn with so many skirts or dresses, and adds immediate polish.

Tweed Suits For Fall and Winter

When temperatures drop, there’s nothing warmer for work than a tweed suit. Washable suits are also on my list of favorite things to wear to work! Check it out.

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