9 Polished Interview Bags for Women

When interviewing for a new job, how you look matters. Interviewers will develop an impression of you within the first 7 seconds of meeting, and the vibe you want to give off is confident, polished and perfect for the job.

One of the first things people notice is your bag, so it makes sense to invest in a good one. Another plus: a high quality bag will not only carry you through the interview, but can be used as a work bag for years to come.

Regardless of the position you’re interviewing for, these interview bags for women will make a lasting first imperession.

Interview Bag Must-Dos

A few important things to keep in mind when selecting your interview bag:

  1. Only carry one bag to your interview. Multiple bags can make you look sloppy and unorganized. Ensure the bag is large enough to cary all the items you need, but watch out for too large, too small, or unprofessional bags such as a weekender, backpack, duffel bag, clutch, or wristlet.
  2. Your bag should be uber organized and anything you need during the interview should be easily accessible. See the bottom of this post for some excellent bag organizers.
  3. Go with a more solid color and classic shape for an interview bag. You want to focus to be on you and not a statement bag. Keep logos, patterns and bright colors to a minimum.

Now, let’s find that perfect bag.

Interview Bags for Women


McKlein Lake Forest Briefcase

This gorgeous leather briefcase is classic and sleek. It comes in three colors and has plenty of pockets and zippers to organize all of your interview items.

Banuce Full Grain Italian Leather Briefcase

This briefcase has a structured and vintage look. The three compartments, zippers, and variety of pockets make this an organizer’s dream. With a wide flat bottom, this briefcase stands up naturally.

Bostanten Briefcase for Women

The darker color on the straps of this bag really give it a fresh look. The thinner width and light weight of this bag make it more manageable and great for an interview.


Kate Spade Knott Large Tote

Kate Spade has so many amazing work bags, but this one is perfect if you have a lot to cary. The pebbled leather takes it up a notch and will be sure to give you a polished look.

CALPAK Haven Laptop Tote Bag

While Calpak is better known for luggage and travel items, their laptop tote bag is perfect for an interview. This is a large bag that comes with a removable organizer insert. The simple design will look great with any interview outfit.

Madewell The Sydney Leather Tote

This tote looks a bit more relaxed, while still being very professional. The soft black leather and fun shape means it can easily go from work to weekend.

Vince Camuto Orla Canvas Tote

As the most dressed-down bag on the list, this should only be used for an interview at a business-casual or casual dress workplace. The stripes and mix of neutral colors gives a professional vibe and the bag can be used over and over.


Shinola The Day Stachel

This bag is certainly a splurge, but it’s so stylish and chic. It is large enough to carry everything you need, and has a zipper section and multiple pockets for organization.

Bostanten Leather Briefcase Messenger Satchel

This bag has two zipper compartments plus a laptop pocket. It comes in 5 colors and is perfect if you’re looking for a slight twist on the traditional work bag look.

Bag Organizers

Being organized and able to quickly find anything you may need during an interview is key to interview success. Some of these bags have a lot of open space, so consider one of these organizers.

ZTUJO Felt Bag Organizer

This bag organizer has pockets, zippers and a key chain. It comes in many sizes and colors, and has over 10,000 five star reviews.

Gonex Nylon Tote Organizer

This organizer’s nylon material is easy to clean and care for. It comes in two sizes and five colors. It comes with a zipper, pockets, and a key chain.

Interview Bags for Women

Finding just the right bag is worth the investment in both money and time. A great bag can make you feel your most confident and leave a lasting first impression. Now go nail that interview!

Once you’ve found the perfect bag, check out this post on 5 perfect interview dresses for women.

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