5 Things to Know Before Your First Pure Barre Empower Class

Are you looking for a workout that builds strength, gets your heart pumping, and is fun? Pure Barre Empower is the class for you. It’s one of my favorite workout classes, and I’ve tried hundreds over the years.

I’ve also seen great results from Pure Barre. I’m the most fit I’ve been in a really long time (likely since my college days). I assumed after having three kids, I would never have tight abs again. While there’s certainly plenty of evidence of the three pregnancies, the tightness in my abs has increased noticeably.

If you are new to barre classes, you may have the impression that they are easy or don’t give you a good workout. Let me assure you that they are HARD and if you do them consistently and correctly, you will be in incredible shape.

Pure Barre Empower is a combo of cardio + barre + HIIT. According to their website, Pure Barre’s goal in this class is to elevate your heart rate, build strength and rev up your metabolism. For busy women, this 45 minute class is the perfect amount of time to get a good workout in.

5 Things to Know about Pure Barre Empower

1. It provides the perfect mix of cardio and strength work

I have taken hundreds of Pure Barre Classic classes, and while I enjoy both the class and the results I’ve seen from it, I am often left wishing for more cardio. Empower is the perfect mix, with both cardio sprints and plenty of strength work throughout the class. This class gets my heart pumping and gives me the results I am looking for.

2. Flexibility is a high priority

Just like in Pure Barre Classic, stretching between segments is an important part of Empower, increasing your flexibility with each class. This leads to less injuries, less muscle pain, and it just feels good.

With more traditional gym classes, like boot camps, stretching is often not a priority AT ALL. If you don’t take it upon yourself to stretch after class, there is hardly any stretching at all. I typically don’t have the self discipline to stretch on my own after a workout, so I am often sore the next day.

I appreciate how Pure Barre prioritizes the stretching.

3. Calorie burning is better in Empower than Pure Barre Classic

During a typical Pure Barre Classic class, I typically burn 200 – 250 active calories. The class is mostly focused on strength and toning your body, and there is little to no cardio.

During Empower, my typical active calorie burn is more like 300+, and the class is 10 minutes shorter. If you are looking for calorie burn Empower is the way to go.

4. Equipment and wardrobe needed for class

Equipment you bring

Bring 3 things to every class: your sticky socks, a sweat towel, and a water bottle. The sticky socks sold at the Pure Barre studios are my favorite. However, I put a link to other good sticky socks below, along with a sweat towel and water bottle.

As far as wardrobe goes, wear full length leggings, a sports bra and a tank top. The Pure Barre studio will have lots of great pieces to complete your workout wardrobe. However, I love Zella’s workout gear, and it is significantly less expensive if you find it on sale.

Equipment Pure Barre provides

During the Empower class, you will use 3 pieces of equipment (plus the barre): hand weights, ankle weights, and a platform. The ankle weights are used on the wrists at the beginning of class and on the ankles in the middle of class.

5. You will feel AMAZING

The combination of HIIT, cardio and strength leaves me feeling amazing every time. I love to get a good workout at the beginning of the day.

The music and good vibes in the studio really improve my mood. I feel like I have accomplished something before my day has even begun.

My Journey

I have taken 555 Pure Barre classes over the last 4 years, including while pregnant. Pure Barre Empower is my favorite class, followed by Reform and then Classic. To learn more about the specific classes, go here.

I have taken a few breaks from Pure Barre, including when I was pregnant. I stopped taking classes at 36 weeks because I just couldn’t keep up any more, and didn’t go back until I was 6 weeks post pardum. I also took breaks for COVID-19 when the studio shut down, and another break when I wanted to try other gyms and workout classes in my area.

I go to 3-4 classes a week, and have come to the conclusion that 4 classes per week is really the sweet spot. 4 classes per week gives you great results, and the time commitment isn’t outrageous. I like to make sure I take one of each of the classes each week because they all give you a different workout.

My Routine

My Pure Barre studio has a 5:45 AM class during the week, which is when I normally go. This is perfect for me because I need to be in the office by 7:30 – 8:00 AM. They start and stop on time, every class. I have never been to a class where they start more than 30 seconds late, which I appreciate because I have other places to be!

I went to another gym recently and they started a 6:00 AM class at 6:06 AM. I know it is only 6 minutes, but it drives me crazy that I could have slept for SIX EXTRA MINUTES.

I typically go to Pure Barre on an empty stomach, but with plenty of hydration. After my morning workout, I like to drink my Bulletproof Coffee while I am getting ready for work. Workout + coffee is my own personal recipie for an energized and productive morning at work. My brain is turned on and firing on all cylinders.

Other Pure Barre considerations

Pure Barre is EXPENSIVE compared to other gyms, but that keeps me coming in 3-4 days per week. Before Pure Barre I joined one of the $20 per month gyms, and I literally went twice and paid for two years. I can’t justify missing classes at Pure Barre’s prices, so I get there every single week and as many days as I can fit into my schedule.

Also helpful: they charge $10 if you schedule a class and don’t show (and don’t cancel 2 hours before). This is super helpful at 5:30 AM when you don’t want to go to class. There is a zero percent chance I am paying $10 more to not get a workout in, so if I schedule it, I go every time.

While Pure Barre welcomes men to their classes, the vast majority of clients are female, and the workouts seem to be targeted specifically at female bodies. For example, I have never worked so much on outer and inner thighs as I do at Pure Barre, and I can see the results of that work.

Should you try Pure Barre?

I highly recommend you give it a try. And if you are going to do it, you need to commit to 10 classes in my opinion, as it takes a while to get the hang of the moves. If you are pregnant, check out this post on Pure Barre pregnancy before getting started.

I remember thinking some of the classes were easy, until I learned I was doing the moves wrong, and then I could feel how hard it really is.

Beyond all the reasons above, I just love the vibe of Pure Barre. I can feel the positivity when I walk in the door. The teachers, owners and other staff know my name, they seem to always be in a good mood, and they are there to give everyone a good workout and encouragement.

The teachers call me out by name for my good work and correct me when my form is off. I appreciate this feedback every class, and it encourages me to work harder and do the moves correctly.

Doing Pure Barre inspires me to eat better as well, which just makes me feel better and want to go workout more!

I’ve never been one to stick to a workout routine like this, but Pure Barre keeps me coming back for more.

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